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Abfahrt – Come Into My Life

“Come Into My Life”
1993 Guerilla Records (UK)

01. Come Into My Life (Milesee’s Radio Edit)
02. Come Into My Life (Hart Fab Mix)
03. Come Into My Life (Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix)
04. Come Into My Life (Exploding Plastic Instrumental)
05. Come Into My Life (S.M.I².L.E. Version)*

*Bonus track

INFO > “Come Into My Life” was the second of only two singles produced by the German trio of Jens Zimmermann, Jürgen Katzmann, and Torsten Fenslau under the name Abfahrt. The same crew also released a one-off single as Tyrell Corp. in 1990, and experienced international commercial success as Culture Beat. Guerilla licensed the original version of “Come Into My Life” (included as a bonus here) for the 1993 compilation “Narcosis”, and then reissued the single with new mixes from Orbital and David Holmes. Sadly, producer Torsten Fenslau was killed in an auto accident in 1993, lost far too soon at the age of 29.

Come Into My Life