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Rigor Mortis (1991 Remix)


01 Rigor Mortis (Manc Mix)
02 Rigor Mortis (Dub Mix)
03 Rigor Mortis (Transient Straight Mix)
04 Rigor Mortis (Transient Dub)
05 Rigor Mortis (Original Version)

INFO > EBM anthem “Rigor Mortis” was the 1987 follow-up to A Split – Second’s debut single, “Flesh.” Along with other tracks, “Rigor Mortis” was remixed in 1991 for the compilation “Flesh & Fire.” Tony Garcia sampled “Hallelujah” by Happy Mondays for his Madchester-tinged ‘Manc Mix.’

A Split Second – Flesh (1991 Remix)


A Split – Second
“Flesh” (1991 Remix)
1991 Antler-Subway (BE) / FFRR Records (UK)
AS 5065 CDS / FCD 178

01. Flesh (1991 Remix/Koen Tillie)
02. Flesh (1991 Dub)
03. Flesh (Flesh & Bones Mix/Lite House)
04. Flesh (The Original Mix)
05. Flesh (The 33+8 Mix/Slow)
06. Flesh (The ‘87 Remix/Middle)

INFO > Produced by Marc Ickx and Chrismar Chayell (Peter Bonne), the original version of “Flesh” was released through Antler Records in 1986. Although well-received among the EBM crowd, “Flesh” gained a wider following when Belgian DJs began playing the 45rpm single at 33⅓, while also adjusting the pitch to maintain the tune’s key. This turntable trickery was applied to other tracks and spawned the genre New Beat, characterized by heavy electronic beats set to a slow tempo; the sound was subsequently popular with the Balearic beat faithful. Sufficient demand warranted a new mix of “Flesh” in 1988, engineered to emulate the slower pace popularized in Belgian nightclubs (although that effect is better represented by the 33+8 Mix). In 1991, a reworked and reissued “Flesh” was labeled by FFRR as “31 minutes of Belgian Hardcore Madness”; however, only Koen Tillie’s remix—with its rave synths and sampling of Humanoid’s “Stakker Humanoid”—fits that description. Chrismar Chayell and Peter Gillis (of AB Logic) contributed the Lite House/Flesh & Bones Mix. Track names vary between the Belgian and UK releases, hence the multiple designations here.