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Planet Rock


Planet Rock (1982)
01 Planet Rock (Original Vocal) 06:22
02 Planet Rock (Bonus Beats) 01:08
03 Planet Rock (Instrumental) 09:12


Don’t Stop… Planet Rock [The Remix EP] (1992)
01 Planet Rock (Original Vocal) 06:25
02 Planet Rock (Bonus Beats) 01:08
03 Planet Rock (Classic Mix) 09:18
04 Planet Rock (In The Pocket Mix) 05:05
05 Planet Rock (House Mix II) 05:49
06 Planet Rock (Bass In The Planet Mix) 07:21
07 Planet Rock (Planet Rock 2000 Mix) 04:39


Planet Rock (2001 Remixes)
01 Planet Rock (Swordfish Radio Edit) 03:23
02 Planet Rock (Swordfish Mix) 07:47
03 Planet Rock (Litman & Cox Club Mix) 08:55
04 Planet Rock (Litman & Cox Tribal Infusion Dub) 06:02
05 Planet Rock (Westbam Remix) 06:17

INFO > In the history of dance music, “Planet Rock” is an indisputable and influential classic. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force released their groundbreaking hybrid of hip hop and electro in 1982. Produced by Arthur Baker with John Robie, the track incorporates elements of two Kraftwerk compositions: “Trans Europe Express” and “Numbers.” While the single has been remixed and reissued umpteen times since its original debut, few of the variations have been notable; the 1992 remix EP and 2001 revisions are among the better efforts.



01 Invader
02 Full Nelson
03 Invader (Vegas Soul Remix Two)

INFO > After parting ways with ZTT, 808 State released one single through Bellboy Records in 1999. Bellboy label founder Chris Cowie remixed “Invader” under his guise as Vegas Soul. Although Graham Massey, Andrew Barker, and Darren Partington issued an album in 2003, “Invader” remains the group’s last original single release.

Owner Of A Lonely Heart (1991)


01 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Original Version)
02 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Wonderous Mix)
03 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (2 Close To The Edge Mix)
04 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Not Fragile Mix)

INFO > After prog rockers Yes disbanded at the end of 1980, several of the group’s former members teamed up again in 1982. This new project was branded Cinema, and while not intended as a Yes reunion, it ultimately became just that. One-time Yes band member-turned producer Trevor Horn gave the group’s sound a contemporary update, thanks greatly to the Fairlight CMI sampler.

1983 album “90125” (the title was inspired by the Atco Records catalog code) was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, and lead single “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” reached the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. The 12″ single’s ‘Red & Blue Mix’ was engineered by Gary Langan, who would subsequently join Horn in the first incarnation of The Art Of Noise. By no coincidence, the ‘Red & Blue Mix’ reflects the early Art Of Noise sonic blueprint:

For the 1991 reissue of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, the track was radically reworked by Martyn Phillips and 808 State, the latter being an appropriate choice given 808 State’s association with Trevor Horn’s legendary Zang Tumb Tuum label.

Electronic – Disappointed

01 Disappointed (7″ Mix)
02 Disappointed (12″ Remix)
03 Idiot Country Two
04 Disappointed (Original Mix)
05 Gangster (FBI Mix)

FACT > Although “Disappointed” was assigned a Factory catalog number (FAC 348), and the label’s logo appears on the sleeve, the single was released via Parlophone. Neil Tennant handles lead vocal duties, and 808 State remixed the track; the single mix is also included on the soundtrack to the 1992 film, “Cool World.” Different B-sides feature on both sides of the Atlantic: the UK issue has the Stereo MC’s take on “Idiot Country”, while the US received a re-edit of “Gangster” produced by John Pillin and Steve Smith of the Art of Mix DJ promo service.

808 State – Pacific (US Promo)

01 Pacific 707 (Radio Edit)
02 Pacific 0101 (Remix Edit)
03 Pacific 0101
04 Pacific 909
05 Pacific 212
06 Pacific 718

INFO > An instant club classic, “Pacific State” initially appeared on 808 State’s 1989 EP, “Quadrastate.” For subsequent single releases, alterations were made to the tune’s tempo, instrumentation, and percussion, while still retaining the original vibe. This US promo features remixes from Justin Strauss and the team of Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones, along with the ‘Mellow Birds Mega Edit’ and ‘Bonus Bird Beats’ (collectively Pacific 909) from the limited UK 12″.

808 State – Cübik / Olympic

808 State
Cübik / Olympic
1990 ZTT Records (UK)

01. Cübik (Original Mix)
02. Cübik (Pan Am Mix)
03. Olympic (Flutey Mix)
04. Olympic (Euro Bass Mix)

INFO > Among the singles that have most profoundly influenced my musical preferences is 808 State’s “Cübik.” With its screeching guitar, hard synth riff, and pounding beats, this was the tune that ushered in an exciting new decade dominated by dance music. The track first appeared on the quartet’s 1990 EP, “The Extended Pleasures Of Dance”, and was later paired with “Olympic” for this double A-side single.


The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

The Future Sound Of London
“Papua New Guinea”
1992 Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ (UK)

01. Papua New Guinea (7″ Original)
02. Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
03. Papua New Guinea (Dub Mix)
04. Papua New Guinea (Journey To Pyramid)
05. Papua New Guinea (Graham Massey Mix)
06. Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q Mix)
07. Papua New Guinea (12″ Original)
08. Papua New Guinea (Hamish McDonald Mix)

INFO > Back in 1992, rave and hardcore had tempos pumped up to breakneck pace. Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain dialed it down and created an ambient dub masterpiece in the form of “Papua New Guinea.” Samples from Dead Can Dance’s “Dawn Of The Iconoclast” help to achieve the track’s otherwordly atmosphere. On the mix: Andy Weatherall and 808 State’s Graham Massey.


808 State – Lift

808 State
1991 Tommy Boy Music (US)
TBCD 989

01. Lift (LP Version)
02. Lift (7″ Mix)
03. Lift (Heavy Mix)
04. Open Your Mind (Sound Garden Mix)
05. Lift (Justin Strauss Remix)
06. Lift (Metro Mix)
07. Lift (Lift Up Dub)
08. Open Your Mind (Open Mix)

5, 6, 7 > Additional production and remix by Justin Strauss

INFO > As 808 State, Mancunians Graham Massey, Andrew Barker, Darren Partington, and Martin Price produced many influential and memorable tunes in the late-80s and throughout the 90s. “Lift” was the last of four singles lifted from the quartet’s “ex:el” LP; this US CD includes Justin Strauss remixes not available on the UK release.