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Do Ya


Inner City
“Do Ya”
1994 Columbia (US)
44K 77401

01 Do Ya (Single Mix) | 04:00
02 Do Ya (The Reese Uplifting Vocal Mix) | 07:35
03 Do Ya (The Claude Young Mix) | 05:11
04 Do Ya (Carl Craig Build Up Mix) | 05:27
05 Do Ya (Chez D Trent Late Night Dub Mix) | 04:39
06 Do Ya (Sure Is Pure Remix) | 09:55
07 Do Ya (Sure Is Pure Dub) | 06:11
08 Do Ya (Graeme Park Club Mix) | 09:23
09 Do Ya (Graeme Park Dub Mix) | 06:10
10 Do Ya (The Commission Mix) | 06:00
11 Do Ya (The Commission Dub) | 07:31
12 Lovin’ It Up | 03:24

The US CD single of Inner City’s “Do Ya” includes every mix of the track, and the B-side from the cassette single.

Back Together Again


Inner City
“Back Together Again”
1993 6 X 6 Records (UK)

01 Back Together Again (Mark Taylor Urban Version)
02 Back Together Again (Reese Classic Broken Beat)
03 Back Together Again (Reese Project Dub)
04 Back Together Again (East Village Mix)
05 Back Together Again (East Village Dub)
06 Back Together Again (Reese Phuture Dub Trip)
07 Back Together Again (Reese Radio Mix)

L’Homme Van Renn – The (Real) Love Thang

L’Homme Van Renn
“The (Real) Love Thang”
1995 KMS Records (UK)

01. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s Radio Edit)
02. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s Edit)
03. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s RDR Mix)
04. The (Real) Love Thang (Northern Frontier Mix)
05. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s Dub)
06. The (Real) Love Thang (The Original Mad Mike Mix)
07. The (Real) Love Thang (Working For Your Paradise Mix)

INFO > “Mad” Mike Banks collaborated with Paul Randolph and Rob Dougan on this soulful single. Mike’s funky original mix is overshadowed by the huge prog house productions of Rob D and Parks & Wilson.


The Reese Project – Direct Me (Sasha Remix)

The Reese Project
“Direct Me” (Sasha Remix)
1995 Network Records (UK)

01. Direct Me (Sasha’s 3am Drop Mix Eat Me Edit)
02. Direct Me (Sasha’s 3am Drop Mix)
03. I Believe (Laurent Garnier Mix)

INFO > Released in 1991, “Direct Me” was the first single produced by Kevin Saunderson, his wife Ann Saunderson, and vocalist Rachel Kapp as The Reese Project. Sasha reworked the track into an epic house marathon for this reissue; included as a bonus track is one of Laurent Garnier’s earliest remixes, “I Believe” from 1992.


Darlene Lewis – Soul Fly Free

Darlene Lewis
“Soul Fly Free”
1994 KMS Records (UK) / Network Records (UK)

01. Soul Fly Free (Radio Edit)
02. Soul Fly Free (Parks & Wilson 7″ Edit)
03. Soul Fly Free (Dub Club Super Mix)
04. Soul Fly Free (Graeme Park 12″ Mix)
05. Soul Fly Free (Parks & Wilson 12″ Mix)
06. Soul Fly Free (Graeme Park Dub Mix)

INFO > Detroit techno legend “Mad” Mike Banks wrote and produced “Soul Fly Free” for Darlene Lewis, who seemingly vanished afterward. The single was released via the UK arm of Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records, and features outstanding remixes by Graeme Park and Parks & Wilson.


Inner City – Share My Life

Inner City
“Share My Life”
1994 6 x 6 Records (UK)

01. Share My Life (Ian Levine Radio Mix)
02. Share My Life (Kevin Saunderson ‘Master Reese’ Master Edit)
03. Share My Life (Reese Dub Reese Mix)
04. Share My Life (Graeme Park Vocal Mix)
05. Share My Life (Aquarel Future Sound Of Longton Mix)
06. Share My Life (Parks & Wilson LA Underground Mix)

INFO > High quality house from Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey, accompanied by well-varied remixes.


Glam – Hell’s Party

“Hell’s Party”
1993 6 x 6 Records (UK)

01. Hell’s Party (7″ Edit)
02. Hell’s Party (12″ Mix)
03. Hell’s Party (Herbie’s Remix)
04. Hell’s Party (Disco Ital Mix)
05. Hell’s Party (Bump Club Mix)
06. Hell’s Party (Bump House Dub)

INFO > “If there’s a Hell below, we’re all gonna go,” sang Curtis Mayfield in 1970, observing the volatile state of race relations in the United States. Two decades later, Afrika Bambaataa teamed up with Adamski to record “Hell Below”, from which the line, “If there’s Hell below, you’re all gonna go,” was sampled for Glam’s “Hell’s Party.” Not long after the release of “Hell’s Party”, much of that tune was appropriated for Urban Cookie Collective’s “The Key, The Secret,” prompting a UK reissue of Glam’s Italo house anthem. Featuring remixes by Marc Auerbach & Steve Travell, “Hell’s Party” was the first single released by 6 x 6 Records.

NOTE > If anyone has Afrika Bambaataa & Adamski’s “Hell Below” (1992 ZYX Music, ZYX 6835-8), I’d be much obliged for a decent rip.


Various Artists – Communiqué

Various Artists
“Communiqué – Singles & Signals”
1996 6 x 6 Records (UK)

1.01. Inner City – Do Me Right (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning Mix)
1.02. Mother – All Funked Up ’96 (Jules & Skins Marimba Mix)
1.03. Madagascar – Madagascar (Bob On The Mic Radio Edit)
1.04. Surreal – Happiness (Fathers Of Sound Renaissance Mix)
1.05. Beverlei Brown – On And On (Fire Island Nu-London Mix)
1.06. The Twister – Clean It Up (Sure Is Pure Vocal Mix)
1.07. Andrew Pearce – Day By Day (Urban Sound Gallery Mix)
1.08. 6 By Six – Into Your Heart (Tall Paul Mix)
1.09. The Trinity – Gonna Take Time (Roger’s Narcotic Mix)

2.01. Esser’ay – Forces (Birmingham Bootleg Mix)
2.02. The Tenth Planet – Strings Of Life (Radio Edit)
2.03. Inner City – Anonghay (Dave Clarke Remix)
2.04. Infiniti – Game One
2.05. The Formula – Spiritual Vibe
2.06. Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire (Urban Culture Mix)
2.07. Fade 2 Black – Eon
2.08. Houztown – Brooklyn A Train (The Height 611 Mix)
2.09. Johnny Vicious vs M.F.S.B. – T.S.O.P. (Soul Train ’94)
2.10. Groove Corporation – Merciless (Lionrock Remix)

INFO > 6 x 6 (or Six6) was a house leaning offshoot of Network Records, which traded mainly in rave and techno. This statement from the release booklet brilliantly sums up the label’s attitude:

The sad fashion is for dance labels to define a sole groove. The house nation, once so varied, has become about branding, not non-conformity. Incredibly, it’s somehow not cool to like Crispin J. Glover AND John Digweed, not normal to enjoy Nu-Soul AND Fathers Of Sound. Well, sorry, but we think it’s weird if you don’t adore Glam AND Kim Beacham, to be into Serial Diva AND Dave Clarke. This is a sampler of singles from Six6 and associated labels. The signal is mix it up and be disparate, not desperate.