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1989 Wing Records (DE)
871 707-2

01 Obsession (Edit)
02 Obsession (Club Mix)
03 Hitch-Hikers Dance Guide

“Obsession” was the first single issued by Xymox after the band parted ways with former label 4AD. The darkwave dance tune appears on the group’s third LP, “Twist Of Shadows.” The edit and B-side, “Hitch-Hikers Dance Guide”, are both digitally exclusive to this CD single.



01 Imagination (Dance Mix)
02 Blind Hearts (Dance Mix)
03 Senses Coalesce

INFO > Dutch darkwave pioneers Clan Of Xymox formed in 1983 (the group went by Xymox in the beginning, and between 1987 and 1997). The band issued two albums and two singles via 4AD Records before signing with PolyGram sublabel Wing Records in 1988. This German CD single features dance mixes of “Imagination” and “Blind Hearts”; both tracks appear on the groups’s third LP, 1989’s “Twist Of Shadows” (although the superior, original version of “Blind Hearts” features on Xymox’s final EP for 4AD). B-side “Senses Coalesce” is exclusive to the release.

HELP > Anyone have the US promo CD single?

Pump Up The Volume


Pump Up The Volume (UK CD)
01 Pump Up The Volume (Re-Mix)
02 Pump Up The Volume
03 Anitina [The First Time I See She Dance]
04 Anitina [The First Time I See She Dance] (Re-Mix)
05 Pump Up The Volume (7″ Re-Mix)*

*Bonus track

BAD707   BADM707CD

Pump Up The Volume (US CD)
01 Pump Up The Volume (US Radio Edit)
02 Pump Up The Volume (US 12″ Remix)
03 Anitina [The First Time I See She Dance]
04 Pump Up The Volume (Bonus Beat)
05 Pump Up The Volume (Instrumental)

INFO > In 1987, an unlikely collaboration between electronic outfit Colourbox and alt rockers A.R. Kane yielded a worldwide hit single, accelerated the development of British house music, and ignited a legal controversy over sampling. Released by 4AD Records, the double A-side “Pump Up The Volume/Anitina” was the sole output of M|A|R|R|S, an acronym derived from the project participant’s first names:

M = Martyn Young (Colourbox)
A = Alex Ayuli (A.R. Kane)
R = Rudy Tambala (A.R. Kane)
R = Russell Smith (A.R. Kane)
S = Steven Young (Colourbox)

As the two groups failed to connect in studio, Colourbox and A.R. Kane worked independently to produce separate recordings, to which the other party would add additional parts: A.R. Kane’s screeching guitar work features on “Pump Up The Volume”, while Colourbox programmed the drums for “Anitina.” Also involved were DJs CJ Mackintosh and Dave Dorrell, who contributed scratching and samples.

Between UK and US remix versions, some 30 records were sampled on “Pump Up The Volume”; however, Stock, Aitken & Waterman let loose the lawyers over the use of 7 seconds from their track “Roadblock.” Although litigation didn’t hamper the success of “Pump Up The Volume”, the backlash over unlicensed samples would keep lawyers busy and complicate matters for other artists in the late-1980s.

There was no follow-up to “Pump Up The Volume”, making M|A|R|R|S perhaps the ultimate one-hit wonder.

The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme


01 The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (12″ Version)
02 Philip Glass
03 The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (7″ Version)

INFO > This 1986 single from brothers Martyn and Steven Young is the greatest World Cup anthem that never was—a brilliant effort denied official recognition. The original 4AD 12″ vinyl (BAD 605) has been digitally recreated here from CD sources. Minimalist B-side “Philip Glass” pays homage to the track’s namesake.

Various Artists – 4AD

Last week’s mesmerizing performance by Dead Can Dance at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center rekindled my interest in the 4AD label.

Various Artists
1998 4AD/Uncut Magazine (UK)

01. Pixies – Debaser
02. Lush – Hypocrite
03. Mojave 3 – Go Lady Go
04. Tanya Donelly – Lantern
05. His Name Is Alive – Wishing Ring
06. Throwing Muses – Mania
07. This Mortal Coil – You And Your Sister
08. Thievery Corporation – Shaolin Satellite
09. Gus Gus – Barry
10. Cuba – Urban Light
11. Colourbox – The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme
12. The Breeders – Saints
13. The Birthday Party – Big Jesus Trash Can
14. Lisa Germano – Tomorrowing
15. Red House Painters – New Jersey
16. Kristin Hersh – Your Ghost
17. Dead Can Dance – American Dreaming
18. The Hope Blister – Sweet Unknown
19. Cocteau Twins – Pearly Dewdrops Drop

INFO > The illustrious independent imprint 4AD was founded by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent in 1980 as a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet. The label has a penchant for promotional compilations; this collection accompanied the Nov 1998 issue of Uncut. Oddly, despite compiling numerous such promos, 4AD has never issued an official comprehensive label retrospective.


Gus Gus – Purple

Gus Gus
1997 Warner Bros. Records (US) / 1998 4AD (UK)
PRO-A-9355-A / GUS 12

01. Purple (Midnight In Reykjavik) 09:53
02. Purple (Album Version) 08:01
03. Purple (Sasha V The Light) 09:54

INFO > Formed in 1995, Iceland’s Gus Gus is a fascinating artist collective dabbling in multiple media forms, music being the most prominent. Trance instrumental “Purple” is the closing track of the group’s second LP, “Polydistortion”, and includes vocal samples from Marina Van Rooy’s 1990 single, “Sly One.” Remixes by Sasha, solo and in collaboration with The Light, were issued separately on US and UK promotional 12″ singles.

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Thievery Corporation – Shadows Of Ourselves

Thievery Corporation
“Shadows Of Ourselves”
2000 4AD (UK)

01. Shadows Of Ourselves 03:38
02. DC 3000 04:26
03. Barrio Alto 03:37
04. A Guide For I & I 03:59

INFO > This UK-only release marked the end of Thievery Corporation’s relationship with 4AD. The title track is lifted from the duo’s sophomore effort, “The Mirror Conspiracy”, while “DC 3000″ comes from US 10” single ESL 023 and is exclusive to CD here.


Thievery Corporation – .38.45 (A Thievery Number)

Thievery Corporation
“.38.45 (A Thievery Number)”
1998 4AD (UK)
BAD 8007 CD

01. .38.45 (A Thievery Number) 03:58
02. The Sleeper Car 03:07
03. Assault On Babylon 04:27
04. In Pursuit 04:46

INFO > This UK EP features two tracks exclusive to the release: an edit of “.38.45,” and percussive piece, “In Pursuit.”


Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde

Thievery Corporation
“Lebanese Blonde”
1998 4AD/Labels/Virgin France S.A. (FR)
72438 955192 1

01. Lebanese Blonde 04:49
02. Coming from the Top 04:43
03. One 04:49
04. Lebanese Blonde (French Version) 04:47
05. Halfway Around the World 03:25
06. Elis Affair (Part 2) 04:40
07. Encounter in Bahia (12″ Version) 06:09
08. Lebanese Blonde (Instrumental) 04:53

INFO > Since 1996, the Washington D.C. duo of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have been exploring exotic international sounds and rhythms, issuing a redefined take on world music through their Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label. Heard in movies and commercials, “Lebanese Blonde” (slang for high quality hash) is their best known single. This French edition includes a generous selection of CD bonus tracks, most exclusive to the release: “Halfway Around the World” (ESL 013 A-side), “Encounter in Bahia” (ESL 007 A-side), “Elis Affair (Part 2)” (ESL 007 B-side), “One” (ESL 9), and a French version of the title track.