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2wo Third3 – I Want To Be Alone

2wo Third3
“I Want The World”
1995 Epic Records (UK)
661085 2

01. I Want To Be Alone (Lonely Mix) 04:00
02. I Want To Be Alone (Greta G) 06:52
03. I Want To Be Alone (Re Vamp) 05:58
04. I Want To Be Alone (The Swedish Vamp) 06:02
05. I Want To Be Alone (Miss Diane’s Excited Pass) 07:19
06. I Want To Be Alone (Memphis 12″ Mix) 05:39

INFO > 2wo Third3’s fourth and final single was initially the flip side of earlier release, “Ease The Pressure.” Neil Claxton and Johnny Jay (Development Corporation) produced three of the remixes: Greta G, Re Vamp, and The Swedish Vamp. Also notable is the contribution by Matt Rowebottom (aka Memphis); after 2wo Third3 disbanded, songwriter Richard “Biff” Stannard teamed up with Rowebottom to form short-lived production duo Biff & Memphis.

NOTE > Some (all?) copies of this CD single were pressed with ‘The Swedish Vamp’ mix twice in place of the ‘Greta G’ mix; that error has been corrected here.


2wo Third3 – Ease The Pressure


2wo Third3
“Ease The Pressure”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660478 2 / 660478 5

01. Ease The Pressure (Precious Mix) 03:53
02. I Want To Be Alone (Perfectly Okko) 03:48
03. Ease The Pressure (Pressure Mix) 06:22
04. Ease The Pressure (Relief Mix) 08:58

INFO > The two CD singles of “Ease The Pressure” both respectively include the ‘Precious Mix’, along with a remix of the main tune, and mixes of “I Want To Be Alone.” The latter track was later issued as a separate single, recycling three of the versions included on “Ease The Pressure.” To avoid redundancy, this modified offering excludes the tracks available on “I Want To Be Alone.”


2wo Third3 – I Want The World


2wo Third3
“I Want The World”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660854 2 / 660854 5

01. I Want The World (Our World Mix) 03:51
02. I Want The World (Space Cadets Mix) 03:43
03. I Want The World (Planet Uranus Mix) 06:32
04. I Want The World (Planet Mercury Mix) 05:54
05. I Want The World (Planet Mars Mix) 07:16
06. I Want The World (Planet Pluto Mix) 06:25
07. I Want The World (Planet Earth Mix) 09:19

1, 2 > Remix by Phil Harding & Ian Curnow
3 > Remix by Primax and The Power Syndicate
4 > Remix by Development Corporation
5, 6 > Remix by Evolution
7 > Remix by LuvDup

INFO > 2wo Third3 entered the UK Singles Chart top 20 with “I Want The World”, earning them an appearance on “Top Of The Pops” in 1995. Tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.


2wo Third3 – Hear Me Calling


2wo Third3
“Hear Me Calling”
1994 Epic Records (UK)
660064 2 / 660064 5

01. Hear Me Calling (Single Version) 03:46
02. Hear Me Calling (Hand Bag Jive) 06:36
03. Hear Me Calling (The Ramp Mighty 12″) 06:45
04. Hear Me Calling (D.O.P. No-stal-gia?) 06:27
05. Hear Me Calling (D.O.P. No-stal-gia? Dub) 06:26
06. Hear Me Calling (Hard On – Erect) 05:26
07. Hear Me Calling (Hard On – Upright) 05:57

3 > Remix by Ramp (Shem McCauley & Simon Rogers)
4, 5 > Remix by D.O.P. (Kevin Hurry & Kevin Swain)
6, 7 > Remix by JX and Red Jerry

INFO > 2wo Third3 were the best pop dance act you’ve never heard of. Managed by Tom Watkins (who also guided the careers of Pet Shop Boys, East 17, and Bros), the group consisted of Lee Thomas, Daniel Payne, Victor Scerri, and unseen songwriter Richard “Biff” Stannard (Biff was represented by a cartoon image on product and in videos). Lee’s distinctive voice and Biff’s catchy tunes distinguished 2wo Third3 from lesser dance units of the day, while design firm Form crafted the band’s stylish image and slick packaging. 2wo Third3 were active between 1994 and 1995, issuing only four singles during that period. “Hear Me Calling” was their debut release; tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.