STUMM61We’re dance music, but we’re the thinking man’s dance music. We go deeper and are more aggressive. We make you move but we provoke you as well. We don’t settle for the standard. It’s too easy to just make a dance record. We’re more claustrophobic and rough. It’s not all ‘Ooooohh baby, I love you.’

Body + Mind

The above quote by Bon Harris is taken from a press release for Nitzer Ebb’s second album, “Belief.” It’s a mission statement for this blog; dance music doesn’t have to be all beats and no brains—a good anthem can inspire cause for contemplation as well as hands in the air. That being said, there will also be plenty of fromage served here, too.

In the late 1980s, I starting making mix tapes for my friends, compiling all the new artists and songs that I discovered. Initially, these tapes consisted mainly of synthpop and indie rock, but as my tastes became more club-oriented, so did the mixes. I labeled the cassette inserts with a faux record label, Body + Mind (BPM), as well as a slogan: UR2 DV8! I had aspirations to be a club DJ but my talents never made it beyond the bedroom. I worked at a radio station for a short period after college, including shifts as an air personality. Alas, I am not destined to spin records for a living.

Through this site I’m looking to promote good music and contribute to the online community. So this blog is for the benefit of you, intrepid trainspotter, in your endless quest to find rarities. And for you, mighty cheapskate, just looking for freebies. I salute you both. Any given week, expect posts showcasing the talents of various artists working in a variety of genres: pop, new wave, industrial, indie, house, progressive, techno, trance – music that you can dance to.

Record and CD collecting has changed dramatically since the advent of the mainstream internet. The marketplace has expanded from local stores in one’s immediate area to now include individuals and merchants worldwide. Surfing around websites has replaced rummaging through bins in second-hand shops. And now in the digital age, we have instant gratification through file downloading. Finding that elusive ‘white whale’ is no longer the challenge it used to be, which I find both immensely satisfying and somewhat deflating – the old ‘thrill of the hunt’ is gone.

The vast majority of tracks offered here are not currently available to purchase new, either on compact disc or via digital download. If you are an artist, record label, publisher or other copyright holder and would prefer that your material not be featured here, please contact me and I will remove the download link immediately.

Thanks for visiting and please enjoy.



Special thanks to Austin Schlack for designing the Shelf logo. He’s a brilliant design dude and one of the smartest guys I know.

  1. Great blog you have here :)

    I’ve linked your blog to mine!

  2. Much obliged, Mark – thanks for the reciprocal link and kudos on your fine blog as well!

  3. …what about the ‘cheap-spotters’ or ‘train-skates’?

    Btw: Great blog! Didn’t realize some of these releases were pressed on cd as well as vinyl, great to get un-crackley versions!

  4. Do’h!, links don’t work. Someone got p.o. Too bad, I love mixes/remixes. I actually owned quite a lot of these import cd singles from back in the day. I can’t believe I used to blow $7.99-$10.99 per and not hesitate to drop $100 every payday.

  5. probably the best blog out there… respect!

  6. Great blog/site.

  7. Hello from far east!
    I just started share blog : )

  8. Awesome blog mate! Been following it fir the best part of year now. Managed to get some real classics back in my collection. Thank you so much! A+ :0)

    • Thank you, sir! Glad to read that you’ve found some fond memories – I’m quite happy to share bangin’ tunes with anyone who appreciates quality music :-)

  9. Hi! djShelf! You have awesome blog! Please if is it possible ,re-upload Cicero-That Loving Feeling, Cicero-Heaven Must Have Sent You (remix) and Sophie B. Hawkins-Don’t Don’t Tell Me Now. I search Cicero-Love is Everywhere extended mix,maybe u have? Thank you!

  10. Hello DjShelf. Joined your New Post email list a couple of days ago. Great site. Only problem I’m having is that it requires a password & I can’t locate any on the site? I was a Billboard reporter for five years & amazed & am still amazing a huge collection of promotional CD’s. I’ll have to check your want list to see if some of what’s in there is in my collection.
    All the best.

  11. Thanks so much for providing such a great blog for us dance music spotters!

    I’ve shared your post about the Mixmag top 100, and cannot thank you enough for the PDF upload of the supplement! If you have any other PDFs of the issues I’d love to see them!

    Ste :)

    • Hey Steve! Thanks for your kind comments. I used to have boxes of old issues of Mixmag, DJ, Muzik, and Ministry. Unfortunately, I recycled almost all of them during our last move.

      Have you seen this online archive of Muzik?

      Great tunes and mixes on your Soundcloud page – you’re the real deal, DJ!

  12. hello, did you use here passwords? i can’t unrar. thanks best regards

  13. love your blog. wondering if we could swap our links in the link list.

    mine is retromories.blogspot.ca just launched it!

  14. Hey just found this site thru Burningtheground…. GREAT stuff! what’s the passwords on the RAR files?

  15. love your site, I wish I had not missed the abfarht-come into my life maxi single….thank you.

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