Don’t Be A Sucker

Produced by the US War Department in 1947, this short educational film conveys the evils of fascism.

“I’ve heard this kind of talk before, but I never expected to hear it in America.”

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  1. I was born here we are live in Yugoslavia learn egzactly that .My father is been partisan and fight against this evil.Fight for freedom and equality. 1944 after Belgrade liberated my father is been in woods .At 1941 to november 1944 all partisans eat what he have , but in november 1944 ordered for oficers meat for soldier what is have. Then my father says , i fight for equalty not for this separation .His have right this small thing in the future make bloody civil war primarily because of these differences. Rich and Poor make this evil. System in the world bulid the differences .Real democracy , not this democracy now .Democracy now is full of holes. Money talks , that regime knows long time ago German nacy , this regine of money rule the world .Big power,big money ,big military to protect that- democracy noe is like mist for simple people who live in dreams.
    Trump good says AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD. Why say that , dreams is for naive and children , egzactly about that USA have best Hollywood machinery of drems , but real truth is something different and cruel. Who sold KNDR engines for nuclear rockets.
    Egzactly about this filthy games and money , some people has be richer .Everything is a game of rich people who have power in every country in the world. Because of that we live this life not better. We live in lies and games of powerfull gamers.We all is pion of this games in world .Someone have good life and dont care for nothing , but someone have bad life and believe in something better , but world is full of big lies and promises for fools. Do you believe in better world in system and rules that are now in the world. I dont. World leads bunch of thieves and hypocris And the system responds to them and they do not want to change it, so they are full of their mouths of democracy. Thank you.

  2. Please listen this amazing remix from Italy (I HAVE FULL VINYL)Remix – Angelino Albanese
    Marilyn Kennedy – Just Way To Be Free (Muppets Fax Version).mp3

  3. Something wrong i see in this video. At 1941 to 1945 with blessing of Catholic church in Rome (papa PIU 12) and USA in Croatia is brutaly murdered 700 000 people(orthodox ,jews,croats,muslims,gipsys and anyone who stand on his way totaly clear this state .Only pure Catholics can live in this state.Leader of this DANTES HELL state is hidde first in Rome later in Argentina.1969 is assasinated by Yugoslav intelegence service for his crimes.Now Catholic church want proklame Kardinal Alojzije Stepinac in SAINT.Orthodox curch and Israel made talks with holy church in Rome ask him to no do that. This man is war criminal. 100 000 of this victims is been children.This people is burned alive , his eyes is tuked on his heads,The babies were taken out of their mother’s wombs, the children cut their heads and filled them with boats for one night one person slaughtered 1459 people and it was only for the bribe, that the people’s blood was filled in the name of God in the name of Christ, and that’s why they called this the dante’s hell
    The USA knew about it and did nothing to do with it, as well as for all concentration camps in Europe. So much for the German and Catholic churches. Western democracies lived. A few years ago, the CIA has published a lot of hidden information about this. The reason why this is hidden is not to be disturbed by the Catholic public. All crimes in the world later is nothing lkie this crimes. For this crimes guilty is west. USA and Germany after 50 yeras donne the same thing on Balkan for his hegemnoty interests make bloody civil war again. Also this donne in the middle east.
    First Roman pope is bean student of Alexandria university of astrology (Egypt) later has been consul of Roman Empire and first POPE of Catholic church.The roots of western civilization are on the foundations of the Roman Empire.

  4. Shelf, if you have access to HBO, watch Monday’s special. They actually followed one group that went to the Rally in Charlottesville from approximately 3 days prior to the actual rally and then 2 days later. SCARY STUFF, especially the fact that these people they followed went unarmed to this rally. Two days after, they show the same people in a hotel saying they are “prepared” for the next one while demonstrating their new arsenal of machine guns, etc.

    Also listen to Trump when he finally actually kind of distanced himself from this violence (“from all sides”). in a Freudian Slip, he actually refers to them as White Supremists … lol

  5. Shelf, go to 8:50 min, so you can hear him accidentally say WHITE SUPREMISTS

  6. But HUMANITY always prevails .. the most liked Tweet of all time is Obama’s message of Love and Hope:

  7. Here’s another link for that Colbert cold-open … the entire thing is excellent, especially the first 30 seconds (what Trump could have said)

    • Colbert speaks the truth. Any GOP representative who does not directly condemn Trump’s words is essentially condoning their leader’s racist ideology. Trump is tainting the reputation of the Republican party, and none of them has the spine to openly speak out and fight back. A few may grumble on Twitter, but their highest priority is preserving their own positions of power. It’s disgraceful and pathetic.

      • Colbert is definitely not holding back …. Republicans should stand united and mock Trump for his incompetence… he is constantly threatening them as soon as one speaks out against him. At some point they will realize that they can’t allow him to hold them hostage like that.

  8. and interestingly, not to diminish what happened in Barcelona today, but Trump did not require 24-48 hours to condemn (actually used those words) the terrorists in Barcelona today!

    • Not surprised by that at all – to Trump, radical Islamic extremists are enemies, whereas racist White supremacists are supporters.

      The attacks in Spain are the heinous actions of deranged and deluded individuals acting on behalf of a terrorist enterprise.

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