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  1. GREAT SONG!!! And I actually saw someone holding a sign with this slogan at Saturday’s Rally in Charlottesville

  2. Here’s another great Antifa song:

    S, is cause you’re so stupid
    K, just like the KKK
    I, because you’re an idiot
    N, a Nazi too
    H, is cause we hate you
    E, each and everyday
    A cause you’re an asshole
    D, disappear and go away

  3. And yet another protest tune from MDC:

    “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA”

    • WOW, one of my favorite 80s bands reunited ,,, and for all the right )or should I say left) reasons!!!!

      Thank you for the tip! It’s my new favorite song already!!!

      Here’s a bit of history on the song involving Jeff Sessions and Green Day!

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