Save Net Neutrality



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  1. The people allowed them, democracy is a lie, like communism, socialism, for me they are utopias, the rich people with all the tides of power and wealth want to control everything, and in the end we all become slaves. It says that we must control everything because terrorism (this terorisam is result of this politic and ways from big center of power) in the future if win this way of life will be the greatest dictatorsheep ever, multinational corporations will be controlling everyone and everything.Do you see Macron France president supported egyactly this corporations. I dont care i have only one life and i want to be free.GLOBALISAM IS THAT EVIL .GLOBALISAM PLUS RICH PLUS POOR PEOPLE PLUS GLOBAL WARMING PLUS POLUTION PLUS WARS PLUS HUMAN LIFE ITS NOT WORTH ANYTHING ONLY BIG MONEY AND MORE BIG MONEY GREEDY AND ROBBERY AND LIES. I forget where is there real freedom , human feelings , compassion,true human values Or we all become slaves of money and servants.
    this bastard will destroy people’s lives.Maybe they take care that there are not too many of us.300 000 people in Jemen have COLERA 2000 died who cares.Children Skin drops off the body i have pictures of that.British mercenaries for 45 000 dollars on month donne filthy jobs in that country i also have pictures of this guys.People wake up.

  2. Here is pictures of ALI AL BAGDADI and senator John Mccain together couple years ago in IRAQ .US trainnig opostions for Sirya in IRAQ but trainig this must worst evil. Here pictures

  3. For this video i dont have comment please clik uncover video

  4. It’s an uphill battle but we can never give up!!! History has never been linear. The darkest times have always been followed by periods of renaissance and enlightenment! These are truly the darkest of times, so I hope our children will experience an era of enlightenment!

    Net neutrality is truly the last bastion, where “they” have not oppressed us yet. The best part is always how the name always provides a sense of the opposite to try and sneak it by those who don’t care to research it. Net neutrality certainly sounds like is should be beneficial for all of us …. lol

  5. DJ Shelf, I figured you would appreciate this image, as it is spot on (Faux News feeding garbage to Trump feeding garbage to Faux News …)

  6. This is great woman and my friend Debbie says somerthing about Russian sanctions. West democracy is complete broke.RUSSIA NOT HACKED Someone who puls strings wants new cold war , this means big money for military industry.PLEASE WATCH WHAT SMART PEOPLE SAYS

  7. This song dedicated to Presdent of United States Donald Trump who everyday someone exterminated from his cabinet.Im very sorry this oing is never be on single or remixed simple amazing classic best STAFF OF SNAP.This is from va – dance now – vol 4 14 – The EX Terminators – EX Terminator(Movie Mix).mp3

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