The Decline Of Western Civilization

No, this post isn’t about Penelope Spheeris’ documentary trilogy devoted to punk and metal (although those films are recommended viewing). Rather, it’s in answer to recent rhetoric questioning “whether the West has the will to survive.”

The greatest threats to Western civilization and democracy aren’t North Korea, Russia, terrorism, government bureaucracy, or the mainstream news media.

The greatest threats to Western civilization and democracy are authoritarian demagogues, extremist political ideology, corrupt corporations, economic inequality, social injustice, voting rights restrictions, and mass apathy.

Produced by Encyclopedia Britannica in 1946, this short educational film defines the dangers of despotism. Despite the film’s age, the information presented is more relevant now than ever.

“Avoid the comfortable idea that the mere form of government can of itself safeguard a nation against despotism.”

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful posts as usual. Fight on!

  2. Great you dare to speak up.

  3. It is 1984 and Clockwork Orange rolled into one….

  4. Despot Stefan Lazarevic in Serbian history rulers have this word Despot.

    • Very fascinating history, Nedzad. Apparently, that use of the term Despot signified a court title, rather than the contemporary definition, synonymous with tyrant or dictator (interestingly, those titles also bore no negative connotations when first coined in ancient times).

  5. So we’re “resisting” by rah-rahing it up in the comments section of a cheesy dance blog?

    Well alrighty then. So…world peace and harmony by, what, next spring at the latest, yeah? Come on team, we can do it!

  6. I still can’t believe that we are governed by a celebrity! Not even an actor ,which was bad enough back in the day! This must be Hell and no one told me.

    • Hell indeed. It’s like the worst “Twilight Zone” ever: the governance of a nation turned into a reality TV show. I keep expecting to wake up from a coma.

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