UB 003 (Series 01 Vol 03)

1.01 Slacker – Your Face (In The Mirror)
1.02 Loveclub – The Journey (The Light Remix)
1.03 Moonman – Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Remix)
1.04 Jam & Spoon – I Pull My Gun Once
1.05 DAF – Battered (Original Mix)
1.06 Invisible – Scream (True Grit Mix)
1.07 EJ Doubell – The Ninth Insight
1.08 Kiyoshi Izumi – Bedroom Glow

2.01 Vincent De Moor – Flowtation (Original Mix)
2.02 Armand Van Helden – Witch Doktor (Greenfield’s Mega Blast)
2.03 Distant Drums – Distant Drum (Original Mix)
2.04 Yum Yum – The Vision (Yum Yum’s 23 Mix)
2.05 Dubstar – No More Talk (FC Kahuna Vocal Mix)
2.06 Euthanasia – L.A. Riots
2.07 David Craig – Possessed By Fire
2.08 Joi Cardwell – Soul To Bare (John ‘00’ Fleming Mix)

Posted on June 17, 2017, in UNDERGROUND BEATS, VARIOUS ARTISTS. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. martymartymarty

    Thank you thank you thank you! I love this series so much.

    • Glad you’re enjoying them, Marty. I have about five years worth of these compilations (they were issued monthly); however, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be able to post them all.

  2. Thank you my friend .Chris please see this page , this is horror for dogs http://anonymous-news.com/graphic-video-dog-tied-to-a-tree-howls-in-pain-as-the-helpless-canine-is-skinned-alive/

    People is biggest animal..

  3. Horrible to post such a video. Anyway, thanks for posting such amazing music, Mr. Shelf!

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