Pet Shop Boys: Catalogue 1985-2012


“Nightlife” + Further Listening (3 CD)
“Release” + Further Listening (3 CD)
“Fundamental” + Further Listening (2 CD)
Released 28 July 2017

P E T  S H O P  B O Y S

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  1. It’s a good set, but there is also a lot left off. Things got more difficult to compile around Closer to Heaven, as well as all of the tracks they released on the website around 2008.
    Shame the demo of CTH was not included and the older reissues will (presumably) not contain anything new this time. Still nice to get some of this vintage stuff hard to believe it has already been 18 year since Nightlife.
    They really need a singles box that includes all the mixes and promo stuff. Granted I already have all of it, but it would be nice to have it all in one place.

    • When the expanded remasters of “Nightlife” and “Release” were initially announced in 2004, I sold my CDs in anticipation of the new versions… and there have been empty placeholders on my rack ever since.

      A mega box of singles (or individual ones like the Depeche Mode sets) seems like a great idea; however, it would be logistical nightmare to compile properly, and then challenging to manufacture at an affordable cost. With almost all but a few of the earlier releases, two (sometimes three) discs would be required to collect every remix, B-Side, and promo version. I’d be happy with single discs containing the essential mixes and B-Sides, but inevitably you’d have fans moaning that it wasn’t complete (as they are with the new remasters).

      I respect the decisions that Tennant and Lowe make in compiling the Further Listening discs – if something’s not present, it’s because they didn’t deem it worthy. The bonus material included with “Nightlife” and “Release” is more than generous.

  2. COOL ! have my first (3) sets already ordered on Amazon.

  3. “Finally” sums that up perfectly Shelf! Very cool and looking forward to them.

  4. Yes is coming soon oct 6th if I recall correctly

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