“Terrorism and deception are weapons not of the strong,
but of the weak.”  
Mahatma Gandhi

Various Artists
“Sounds Of The City: Manchester” (Mixed)
1996 Pirate Records And Music (CA)
PRMCD 7003

1.01 G.T.R. – Ask Me (4th Day Mix)
1.02 Soft House Company – What You Need (Sat At Home Mix)
1.03 FPI Project – Rich In Paradise (Nick Hussey Mix)
1.04 Cotton Club – Outrage (Club Grooves Mix)
1.05 LuvDup – Goodtime (E-Lustrious Mix)
1.06 Ritmo Rivals – Americano Slide (L.A. Underground Mix)
1.07 Rollin’ Gear – I’ve Got It (Original Mix)
1.08 The Farmer – Stomp Yer Feet (Original Mix)
1.09 E-Lustrious – In Your Dance (Club Mix)
1.10 Ritmo Rivals – Believe Me (Exterminated In 3D Mix)
1.11 Majick Village – Hot (Cotton Club’s Fantastic Club Mix)
1.12 Direckt – Tear My Heart (Original Mix)
1.13 G Spot – Love Me Bad (Love Tunnel Mix)
1.14 Janice Robinson – Children (Explorer Mix)
1.15 E-Lustrious – 2 Hop Too (Discovery Mix)

2.01 Explorer – Perpetual Motion (Explorer Mix)
2.01 Diablo – The Strength (Full On Carnival Mix)
2.03 Rollin’ Gear – Get It Together (On Yer Feet Mix)
2.04 Tandoori – Tandoori’s Theme (E-Lustrious King Prawn Samba)
2.05 Three Wise Monkeys – Work For Love (Back To The Old Skool)
2.06 A.F.C. Botswana – Do Dat Dance (Original Mix)
2.07 TC 1995 – Just Get Up And Dance (Sure Is Pure Mix)
2.08 G.T.R. – Manco Cepas Revenge (Unorthodox But Effective Mix)
2.09 E-Lustrious – Dance No More (Full On Mix)
2.10 Cotton Club – Dowhatchawanna (Turn It Up Mix)
2.11 Sub Bug – Keep Rockin’ (Back To Dub Mix)
2.12 Analogue City – All About Love (Joe T. Vannelli Dub Mix)
2.13 Barrington – Generate (IQ UK Mix)
2.14 Digital Underclass – Workin’ For Nothin’ (A.F.C. Botswana Mix)
2.15 Direckt – 2 Fatt Guitars (Skankin’ Mix)

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  1. Thanks for the quote…and as always the music.

  2. Who made ALKAIDA and ISI and why.In that filthy games price pay innocent people.In Yemen Saudy Arabia dropped cluster bombs and kill 145 little children.Great Britain sold that weapon forbiden by Geneve Convention 2004 for 2,3 billions of dollars.Why USA sold weapons , Russia , Germany,China..My country Serbia sold weapon in Sirya.ISIL use that weapon and kill karikaturist in Paris.No one in this place is no innocent everyone goverment in the world is guilty.Evil games for filthy money and greedy.Democracy is biggest lie ever.Money and hipocricy and inretrests.Im sorry for any innocent life,in my opinion all weapons in the world must be destroyed.Stop lies and secrets.

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