Chronologie Part 4 (Remix)

Jean-Michel Jarre
“Chronologie Part 4”
1993 Polydor (DE)
859 111-2 / 861 905-2

01 Chronologie Part 4 (Atomium Mix Edit)
02 Chronologie Part 4 (SXS Mix)
03 Chronologie Part 4 (Emergency Mix)
04 Chronologie Part 4 (Atomium Mix)
05 Chronologie Part 4 (Dream Time Mix)
06 Chronologie Part 4 (E-Motion Mix)
07 Chronologie Part 4 (Tribal Trance Mix)
08 Chronologie Part 4

Remixed by Praga Khan, Sunscreem, and Jamie Petrie, “Chronologie Part 4” was the lead single released from Jean-Michel Jarre’s 1993 album, “Chronologie.” All tracks from both German CD singles are consolidated here.

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  1. Hee Hee!! Just about to put the original vinyl 12″ release over at my place. Great minds think alike :)

  2. I was going to point out that track 7 is actually called Tribal Trance, not Dance, but I see now that it’s apparently referred to as both of those on different versions of the single. Odd.

    Either way – it’s the best mix of the bunch by a long, long way.

  3. Oh, and also – that one is NOT by Praga Khan or Sunscreem. Which is maybe why it’s the best one? lol

    • You’re right – it is ‘Tribal Trance Mix’, and it was produced by Jamie Petrie, who was connected to D:ream as a song writer and backing vocalist.

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