The Best Of 12″ Synth Gold

Various Artists
“The Best Of 12″ Synth Gold”
1990 Old Gold (UK)
OG 3802

01 Thompson Twins – Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap)
02 Blancmange – Living On A Ceiling (Long Version)
03 Heaven 17 – Play To Win (12″ Version)
04 Visage – Mind Of A Toy (Dance Mix)
05 Japan – Life In Tokyo (Remix)
06 Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix)
07 Landscape – Einstein A Go-Go (12″ Mix)
08 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Souvenir (Extended)

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  1. Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night (With Bells On) UK Promo CDM [WEA / SAM 1511]

    1 The Rhythm Of The Night (7″ Rapino Bells Of St. Mary’s Version) 3:52
    2 The Rhythm Of The Night (12″ Rapino Sleigh Bells In The Snow Happy New Year Version) 5:15
    3 The Rhythm Of The Night (7″ Rapino Happy New Year Version) 3:52
    4 The Rhythm Of The Night (12″ Rapino Sleigh Bells In The Snow Version) 5:13

    50 euro + shiping

    i see that in Russia sold in one forum .Russian goverment for copyrights forbide that forum because in this place you can find everything, now nothing.This guys broke the law.Forum have this name Российский Танцевальный Форум.
    i found Malcolm Mclaren – Revenge Of The Flowers rip from vinyl in 320 with Todd Terry full mixes

  2. Very cool Shelf – thanks.

  3. Do you need this

    Mellow Mellow ‎– I Can’t Stop
    Music Man Records ‎– MMI 9412
    CD, Maxi-Single
    Trance, Tribal

    1 I Can’t Stop (Parrot Trance) 8:28
    2 I Can’t Stop (Teknotribe Mix) 7:58
    3 I Can’t Stop (Goodman & Adrian Mellow Is A Classic Detroit Mix)

    Remix – Goodman & Adrian

    4 I Can’t Stop (Transformer Tribe Mix) 7:35
    5 I Can’t Stop (Mellow Club Mix) 6:17

  4. This disc was a must back when I found it in 1992. The first time I heard many of these tracks on CD. Since I collected five of the eight bands, it was a no-brainer when i saw it in that store in Toronto. Full review here:

    • As always, an excellent and insightful review, Monk – thanks for sharing. For me, this compilation’s value is primarily attached to that rare “Life In Tokyo” remix – my favorite version since first hearing it on the special edition cassette of “Assemblage.” Although that mix is also available on the 2006 reissue of “Assemblage” and the 2009 budget CD “The Collection”, the ending has been hacked on both (it appears in mono on the 1996 “In Vogue” CD). Also, an edited version of that mix appears on “Souvenir From Japan” (1989).

      Anyone have Volume 2?

      • Shelf – I like all versions of “Life In Tokyo” equally, but if you want to see me play favorites, invoke my fave rave JAPAN single, “European Son.”

        • An excellent choice, to be sure :-) Between “Life In Tokyo” and “European Son”, you have the blueprint for the New Romantic sound (not that the band would have wanted such credit). Whenever playing “Assemblage” back in the day, I recall ‘enduring’ the first five tracks for the satisfaction of the other half.

          • Shelf – Well, it was like two different bands wasn’t it? Then, a year later, they were an entirely different proposition by the time of “Tin Drum.”

            • Talk about rapid evolution – that was one of the the most incredible transformations in music history. And while the band’s existence might seem too fleeting, that may have been for the best.

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