Boy Pop

Book Of Love
“Boy Pop”
1993 Sire Records (US)
9 40806-2

01 Boy Pop (Album Version)
02 Boy Pop (Extended Radio Mix)
03 Boy Pop (WinKing Breakbeat Trance)
04 Quiver (Extended Mix)
05 Boy Pop (Go Bottom Go Top Mix)
06 Boy Pop (Swinging Boy Pop Mix)
07 Boy Pop (The Deeper X Dub)
08 Boy Pop (Radio Mix)

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  1. Thank you dj shelf i totaly forget for this band.I found all Vinyls and CD singles in 320 maded by Book Of Love.Last single All Girl Band is from 2017 and i dont have it. New wave time from 80 s.

  2. Always been a fan of them. Pennsylvania formed super synthpop!

  3. Saw Book Of Love live last year on their 30th anniversary reunion tour. It was only Ted and Susan – Lauren and Jade only show up for special occasions, apparently. However, all the instrumentation is run off a Mac Book these days, so the other two would just be standing around anyway. The show was kind of embarrassing – reminded me of that old “SNL” skit with Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer as middle school music teachers Marty and Bobbi Moughan Culp. But I do love their music – very few Americans have been able to produce proper synthpop.

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