Various Artists
1996 Solid State Records (UK)

1.01 Leftfield – Song Of Life
1.02 BT – Embracing The Sunshine
1.03 Lemon Interupt – Dirty
1.04 Jam & Spoon – Odessy To Anyoona
1.05 Golden Girls – Kinetic
1.06 Gypsy – I Trance You
1.07 Age Of Love – The Age Of Love
1.08 Crescendo – Are You Out There
1.09 Remake – Bladerunner
1.10 Salt Tank – Eugina
1.11 THK – France
1.12 Quench – Dreams
1.13 Havana – Shift
1.14 Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
1.15 Vernon – Vernon’s Wonderland

2.01 Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soleil
2.02 Cygnus X – The Orange Theme
2.03 Marmion – Schöneberg
2.04 Way Out West – Domination
2.05 Li Kwan – Point Zero
2.06 Union Jack – Two Full Moons And A Trout
2.07 Finitribe – Love Above
2.08 Art Of Trance – Octopus
2.09 Jungle High – Fire Of Love
2.10 Poltergeist – Vicious Circles
2.11 Virus – Sun
2.12 The Pump Panel – Ego Acid
2.13 Hardfloor – Acperience
2.14 Wippenberg – Neurodancer
2.15 Zodiac Youth – Fast Forward The Future

“Abduction” is subtitled ‘A Coming Together Of Quality Euro-Trance And Hard House.’ Nearly all selections are custom edits of the original tracks—some tunes are reduced by a minute or two, others are cut in half; however, most adjustments are agreeable.

HELP > Anyone have the limited edition version DJ mixed by Andrew Souter?

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  1. I have the mixed version, because Andrew Souter is a friend of mine! The story is that the label picked the tracks, and Andrew mixed it for them. He used to be a resident at Up Yer Ronson which was a huge night here in Leeds, and also remixed Tenth Chapter – Wired on Jackpot records (with Simon Noble of Breeder). Apparently he was in Space (Ibiza) where he was talking to a girl when Sasha played his remix, she’s now his wife!

    • Hey Lee! Haven’t heard from you in a while – hope all is well. Great story about Souter – I knew about the Stonk remix, but wasn’t aware that he was a high profile DJ. What’s he up to these days?

      So, would you mind sharing the mixed version of “Abduction”, preferably as CD images with cue files?


  2. Hey Chris, I’m good thanks. Andrew (like the rest of us) has a very normal job now, and just puts mixes together for fun these days. I’ve had a quick look and can only find each disc ripped as a single file (my car doesn’t do gapless playback with mp3/wav). However, I’ll be seeing him over the next couple of days, so I’ll get the cd from him and sort it out for you. :o)

    • Thanks Lee – nice to hear that Andrew is a regular bloke :-)

      I have the same issue with car playback. A CD image will be ripped as one long file – the associated cue file adds the track markers for playback and burning (sorry, maybe you already know all this – I just recently learned how to do it properly using EAC). 320 MP3 or WAV would be great :-)

  3. Come on Lee, get the finger out ;)

  4. Did you get the mixed version of this yet? I’m curious to hear it.
    I’ve owned the unmixed version since it first came out, and always wondered if the mixed version was any use.

  5. I bought this mixed version when it 1st released and it was never out of my cd players, either in the house or in the car… Unfortunately it was stolen along with some other classic albums, Jam & Spoon’s tripomatic fairytales 2001 + 2002… Reactivate vol10 mixed by Blu Peter, to name a few :o(
    I managed to buy copy of this on Discogs (unopened) and the 1st thing i did was rip it and stick it onto my kindle for mobile purposes…
    Still haven’t got round to buying 2001 + 2002 or the Reactivate Vol 10 again as of yet, although i do own digital copies of them…

    This album along with Reactivate vol10 mixed by Blu Peter are my favourite Mixed compilation albums ever…

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