Dutch journalist Jelmer Mommers recently discovered a short educational film from 1991 that forewarns of the threats posed by burning fossil fuels, including: elevated sea levels, severe droughts, food scarcity, population displacement, and extreme weather. Never mind that “Climate Of Concern” preceded “An Inconvenient Truth” by 15 years—the most remarkable aspect of the film is that it was produced by the Shell Oil Company.

Here is a synopsis of the video’s most salient points:

Despite the detailed research and well-supported predictions presented in its own cautionary video, Shell has since spent millions of dollars to lobby against climate change policies and support denial campaigns. And Shell is certainly not alone in funding such counter-productive practices:

To further compound the climate problem, the new Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has direct ties to the oil industry and is a vigorous denier of climate change science. The Sierra Club has described Pruitt’s appointment as “like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires.”

View the full “Climate Of Concern” documentary below:

Learn more about this revelatory investigation via:
The Correspondent and The Guardian.

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  1. I subscribe to “The Guardian” ,great news source. I feel like the current administration is nothing but smoke and mirrors. We have more crooks and more changing hands then ever, billionaires who have lost the plot, and “more” money just isn’t enough without more “power”. It’s a sad state of affairs. Climate change is real and sooner or later all of this lack of looking at real issues will catch up to us, if it hasn’t already.

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