Open Up


Leftfield Lydon
“Open Up”
1993 Hard Hands (UK) / Logic Records (DE)
HAND 009CD / LOC 127

01 Open Up (Radio Edit)
02 Open Up (Full Vocal Mix)
03 Open Up (Dervish Overdrive)
04 Open Up (I Hate Pink Floyd Mix)
05 Open Up (Open Dub)
06 Open Up (The Dust Brothers Remix)

Neil Barnes and Paul Daley employed no less a music legend than John Lydon for vocals on their 1993 single “Open Up”, which ranks among the greatest dance classics of all time. Consolidated here are all unique tracks from the UK single and German remix CD.

HELP > Anyone have the 6.47 edit of the ‘Dervish Overdrive’ mix from German CD single LOC 118?

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  1. This is just classic, thanks for your reply to Radio Waves FLAC, I’ll look to buy somewhere.
    Enjoy the day, keep the music alive.

  2. Oh wow I remember this and never knew who did it. Thank you

  3. Hi Shelf, here’s the complete German cdm with the track you wanted, in flac

  4. martymartymarty

    Thank you so much for this. Great memories, still sounds fantastic. :-)

  5. One of the best my friend! I don’t have this particular single so BIG Thanks. Leftfield’s return with Alternative Light Source couple years ago was a glorious thing. They are missing from the new T2 soundtrack though!

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