Cosmic Baby
1994 Logic Records (DE)
LOC 144

01 Fantasia (Intro)
02 Fantasia (Celestial Harmonies)
03 Fantasia (Remix II)
04 Fantasia (Talking Drums)
05 Fantasia (Airplay)
06 Fantasia (Outro)

HELP > Anyone have Cosmic Baby’s “Heaven’s Tears” on CD?

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  1. Shelf,

    I have that MCD in APE format somewhere. I will upload it later today unless somebody beats me to it (in a better format; I think APE is pretty much obsolete now).

  2. dear shelf (and followers),
    here you find Cosmic Baby – Heaven’s Tears (CDM, mp3, 320 kbs):
    pw: Dachshund

    love the m.o.d. blog. thanx 4 everything!! :-)

  3. Indeed Cosmic Baby was one of the heads behind Energy 52, who released the all time classic Café Del Mar.
    But not many people seem to know that the melody of Cafe Del Mar was written by Wim Mertens and originally released by his project Soft Verdict.

    Listen to Soft Verdict’s Struggle For Pleasure (1983):

    Café Del Mar by Energy 52 (1993):

    • In addition here’s another beautiful version of Struggle For Pleasure, played by Wim Mertens & his Ensemble in 2005:

    • I had no idea that Cosmic Baby and Kid Paul produced “Cafe Del Mar”, and I’ve only ever heard the 1997 Three ‘N’ One remix. The original mixes are much more subtle – very nice.

      And while Mertens received no writing credit, the similarity between “Cafe Del Mar” and “Struggle For Pleasure” is unmistakable – well spotted!

      • same story as Robert Miles – Children (except slightly more amicable, as the original artist claims he gave consent to use the melody).
        Garik Sukachov’s song “Гарик Сукачев – Напои меня водой” (“Napoi menia vodoi”)

        • and I will never understand how Vangelis won this lawsuit … he literally almost copied this song 1:1 (just slightly faster)

        • Miles’ use of Sukachov’s melody is barely noticeable, whereas Vangelis really did rip off Logarides. Fascinating – thanks for sharing both of those.

        • Thanks for the info, Winx! I didn’t know that Robert Miles used the melody of a Garik Sukachov song for “Children”.

    • The man behind Energy 52 project was (DJ) Kid Paul. His well known track “Cafe Del Mar”, originally released on my favourite German label “Eye Q Records”, in 1993. You can find it on many compilations.

  4. Here’s some add-on to the track “Café del Mar”, which was mentioned above:
    Though Wim Mertens never seemed to be given credits, Harald Bluchel mentioned in an interview in 2005 that the track was inspired by “Struggle For Pleasure”. Paul M. came across this song in 1992 on a vacation in Ibiza. Since both loved the melody they decided to take it as inspiration for their track “Café del Mar”.
    For further info check out this site ( and search for “Some notes about this track by Cosmic Baby”.

    Apart from that Harald Bluchel did another cover version of “Struggle For Pleasure”. It’s a collaboration with Chris von Deylen (Schiller) and was released on their album “Bi Polar” (2003) –>

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