Battle Of The DJs

Various Artists
“Battle Of The DJs”
1988 Jive (US)

01 Eric B. & Rakim – Eric B. Is President
>DJ: Eric B.

02 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
>DJ: Jazzy Jeff

03 Run-DMC – Jam Master Jammin’
>DJ: Jam Master Jay

04 Steady B – Rockin’ Music
>DJ: Tat Money

05 Cash Money & Marvelous – Ugly People Be Quiet
>DJ: Cash Money

06 Whodini – Now That Whodini’s Inside The Joint
>DJ: Grandmaster D

07 Grandmaster Flash – Larry’s Dance Theme
>DJ: Grandmaster Flash

08 Kurtis Blow – AJ Scratch
>DJ: Kool DJ AJ

09 Schoolly D – Code’s Megamix
>DJ: Code Money

10 Too Short – The Universal Mix
>DJ: Universe

So, which turntable technician gets the TKO in this epic bout?

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  1. Sweet! Going to jam to this right now. Thanks Shelf!

  2. Hiya Shelf. Long time no speak. Loving the fact the you decided to keep the blog running. Still the best site… :)
    I’m gonna be really cheeky here so apolgies in advance but do you (or anyone else for that matter) have copies of the original Kinky Trax series from React in the 1990’s.
    If you could help I would love ou even more than I do now (strictly platonic obvs). Cheers matey. :)

    • Ha ha! Thanks Alan :-) Yeah, “Kinky Trax” was a great series – sorry, but I don’t have any of the four volumes. Anyone else out there got ’em?

  3. Shelf, please re-upload the E-Zee Posse – Love on Love CDM, Come on man please, practically begging you for this for a while now!

  4. neelen poonen please wait and be patient. Very soon i upload that CD

  5. Hi, folks! Just passing by to say:

    1. Love to see the return of the blog posts! Shelf, you´re the best!

    2. I´m missing the “share” section!

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