Walking Away (US Promo)


Information Society
“Walking Away” (US Promo)
1988 Tommy Boy/Reprise Records (US)

01 Walking Away (Radio Version)
02 Walking Away (LP Version)
03 Walking Away (Space Age Mix)
04 Walking Away (S.M.D. Mix)

InSoc followed up their big hit “What’s On Your Mind” with “Walking Away”; the single climbed to 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Shep Pettibone remixed the track, which features more “Star Trek” samples.

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  1. The 80’s & early 90’s had some great artists that came from the Minneapolis music scene.
    Back in the day, it was not uncommon to bump into Kurt around the city, on his rollerskates.
    Originally signed by local DJ/Producer Walter McLean, to the now defunct dance label Wide Angle, as Insoc.
    Totally interesting guys.
    Thanks for posting them on this Minneapolis boys’ b-day!

  2. I remember buying the InSoc s/t cassette and a little frustrated that the version on the album was not the same they were playing on the radio. That happened quite abit back in the day. The radio edit (remixes) always sounded a wee-bit better than the LP versions (sometimes.) ..thanks again for this “walk” down memory lane.

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