World Wildlife Day 2017


World Wildlife Day, observed annually on 3 March, is a global celebration of the beautiful and varied forms of wild animals and plants on our planet, as well as an occasion to raise awareness of the plight of threatened and endangered species.

The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Listen to the Young Voices’, with a focus on encouraging young people around the world to explore conservation, and instill in them a responsibility to take action for the future of wild fauna and flora.


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  1. It’s insane to think that there are still people out there who buy this stuff! I just watched a documentary on the controversial rhino farm, where they have thousands of rhinos and cut just part of their horns for profit. Maybe that’s the solution since we can’t seem to stop these sadistic monsters.

  2. No, that is NOT a solution. Most of the current demand comes from Asia, where people clinging to ancient traditions think that horns have medicinal value – which they don’t.

    Further compounding the problem is that the sale of live animals and animal parts funds criminal operations and terrorism. Wildlife poaching and related sales has become as serious as the trafficking of drugs and weapons. It’s not just animals who suffer from these heinous crimes – humans do, as well.

    • I realize it;s not a good solution but at least it prevents some of the species to into extinction … it’s gonna be hard to get Asians and rich people around the world to change quick enough to save these animals from extinction. However, intensive education does work, as we have seen in the case of fur and tobacco. But we need everyone around the world to step in

      • Very true – keeping people constantly informed is vital to achieving positive change. And no one person or organization can solve the problem alone – it takes a village.

        • Just watched “THE WHITE HELMETS” … how anyone can watch this travesty and not feel anything but COMPASSION towards Syrians is beyond me!

  3. Chris i have also one sad news
    In Somalia at last 48 hours died 118 little children of hunger.

    • Horrible Nedzad. And sadly, that happens every day. NO ONE on this planet should die from starvation as edible food is routinely thrown away in numerous countries. And it’s sickening that rich bastards dine on cruel delicacies like foie gras, and poor fat slobs shovel down Doritos, while children are starving around the world. That is unacceptable.

  4. Finaly i found this nice CDM

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