Doubleshot: Modern Rock


Various Artists
“Doubleshot: Modern Rock”
2000 K-Tel/Warner Special Products (US)
6467-2 / OPCD-2800

1.01 The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
1.02 Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers
1.03 New Order – The Perfect Kiss
1.04 Ride – Vapour Trail
1.05 Everything But The Girl – Frost And Fire
1.06 Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over
1.07 Let’s Active – Every Word Means No
1.08 Throwing Muses – Dizzy
1.09 X – See How We Are
1.10 Hüsker Dü – Could You Be The One
1.11 Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven
1.12 The Jesus And Mary Chain – Just Like Honey

2.01 Ministry – Stigmata
2.02 Faith No More – Epic
2.03 The Cult – Love Removal Machine
2.04 Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says
2.05 The Dream Academy – Life In A Northern Town
2.06 Aztec Camera – Oblivious
2.07 INXS – What You Need
2.08 Erasure – Chains Of Love
2.09 The Style Council – Long Hot Summer
2.10 Primal Scream – Loaded
2.11 The Mighty Lemon Drops – Like An Angel
2.12 Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

While this budget release covers familiar musical terrain, the diversity of artists and songs makes for a palatable collection, as well as a decent introduction to ‘modern rock’ (an inclusive genre appellation concocted by American radio). The majority of these tracks date back to the 1980s, with two tunes from 1990 thrown into the mix.

Of special interest here are the bookends: Phill Brown’s US single edit of “How Soon Is Now?” (3:54) differs considerably from its UK counterpart; and the 4:35 edit of “The Killing Moon” sounds to be the promo video version, and is exclusive to this CD.

The “Doubleshot” series includes three other compilations dedicated to ‘New Wave’, ‘Alt Rock’, and ‘Pop Alternative’, all of which similarly resemble retro radio playlists.

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  1. a compilation featuring Hüsker Dü, Pixies, Jesus & The Mary Chain ? This should be good!

    thanks for another great share!

  2. the other comps look great too


  3. love comps like these, looked on the discogs … it’s released on sub-label K-Tel ..gotta love K-Tel, used to play the cassette comps when I was a kid. thanks (again) for the music Shelf!

  4. This is a fun series, had not heard of them. Can Ministry be both alt rock & modern rock? :) ha! An exclusive Echo to boot, sweeet. Agree with sandman on the K-Tel, one of my first cassettes was their “High Energy”.

  5. Sandman and Harry – seems the three of us are as old as the hills, reminiscing about K-Tel compilations! Much to my surprise, K-Tel International still exists:

    Both of you need to drop whatever you’re doing, and search for ‘K-Tel TV ads’ on YouTube:

    But wait, there’s more!

    My personal favorite:

    Go to the K-Tel YouTube channel NOW!

    • Oh wow, that’s it alright! My introduction to Blondie. Well, i know what I’m going to do until the Liverpool match today… That “Hooked on classics” is brilliant. Thanks for the good memories Shelf!!!

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