The Futures Overrated


“The Futures Overrated”
1997 Reprise Records (US)
9 43961-2

01 The Futures Overrated (Original 7″ Mix)
02 The Futures Overrated (Amethyst’s Mix)
03 The Futures Overrated (DJ Pulse Vocal Mix)
04 The Futures Overrated (Evolution’s Time Bomb Mix)
05 The Futures Overrated (Dub Pistols No Future Mix)
06 Direct Dubit (Arkarna’s Dub Mix)
07 The Futures Overrated (Original 12″ Mix)

Indie/electronic band Arkarna was formed in 1995 by Oliver Jacobs, James Barnett, and Lalo Creme (son of Lol Creme). Jacobs honed his production and songwriting skills at London-based Rollover Studios, founded by his father, Phillip Jacobs. “The Futures Overrated” was the second single taken from the group’s debut album, “Fresh Meat.” First released in 1997, the single was reissued the following year with new mixes.

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  1. thomas l stoodley


  2. this one managed to get by me, always a new discovery, thanks Shelf!

  3. Malin the Ambient Dinosaur

    It seems there was a lot of label backing for Arkarna’s first album. Because wow, the singles from that album features a vast amount of quality remixers. This single is no exception!

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