This Is Fascism

THIS IS FASCISM: The tyranny of Der Dönald.

R.I.P.  E.P.A.


“This Is Fascism”
1991 Nettwerk (US)

01 This Is Fascism (Edit)
02 This Is Fascism (Bass Mix)
03 This Is Fascism (Techno Night-Guy Mix)
04 The Sexual Politics Of Meat (LP Mix)
05 This Is Fascism (Fascism Dub Version 1)

Adam Sherburne (former vocalist for Until December), Mark Pistel, and Philip Steir formed Consolidated in 1988. The trio’s sound amalgamates elements of rock, hip hop, funk, and industrial to deliver politically charged commentaries on racism, capitalism, gender inequality, animal cruelty, government oppression, and other problems that perpetually plague society.


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  1. Their collaboration with Yeastie Girls was what really garnered everyone’s attention at first (and always filled my alternative dancefloor), but this is a stark reminder of what we used to think was really bad. If we go back to these “horrible situations” now, it will seem like a major compromise. This is a real TRAVESTY: Putting someone in charge of the EPA with still on-going law suits AGAINST THE EPA is more than just a “conflict of interest”. This will accelerate global warming to levels that no scientist could reasonably predict!

    Ans signing Executive Orders to allow coal companies to dump toxic waste into rivers?! How can that even be on anyone’s agenda and find any support from anyone?!? And God Bless OKLAHOMA, if they thought 700 earthquakes a year was bad.

    Finding carbon life forms on CERES couldn’t have come at a better time (if your news source has been dominated by Trumpocracy news instead of reporting this most amazing finding, google it)

  2. Bravo Dj Shelf .I been fascinated by this video maded by Barbara Kruger

    and this Consolidated – America Number One [Official Music Video]

    Democracy is bigest lie ever, only money,power,interest of rich population,corupted politicians and big bussines. Where is the equalty of world population. Rich and poor only. In Sudan today people died of hunger.Every country in the world is now copy of nodemocratic and corupted UNITED STATES (country where money talks) Solding weapon in the name of democracy.Double standards everywhere in the world.LIES LIES LIES OF FILTHY POLITICIANS BUY IT BY RICH COMPANIES.

  3. Yesterday on net i find picture of senator John Mccain in one room with ALI BAGDADI leader of ISIL.In firts moment i dont believed but i see Ali Bagdadi picture from personal card and see this man now with a bierd.That picture is before created ISIL.John Mccain is been in IRAQ,Sirya,Libya and Ukraina. In all of this countries is war.

    • Nedzad … and the sadder thing is that McCain is the VOICE OF REASON now … lol …He is calling out Trump on behaving like a dictator. These are truly dark times!

  4. Nedzad, are you still planning to post Zhana Saunders – Sanctuary Of Love?

  5. I’m even thinking the Bush days was better than this… how scary is that?… 4 more years of Chump.

  6. did I say “more”?… I meant just “4 years” ..hopefully.

    • Yeah, I knew what ya meant.

    • Sandman, do you remember the (fake” billboards, when Obama took office, presenting a grinning Bush saying “Miss me yet?” … UGH … how diabolical that now we would be tempted to say: YES! We want the slightly less evil guy back instead of this 11-year-old BRAT, who stole the office!

      • Yeah, I never thought that there would be a US President worse than George W. Bush, but W looks like Lincoln compared to Trump.

        And Winx – your earlier comments on the EPA appointment are right on the money (no pun intended there, but everything Trump does is about money). Of everything that the new administration is doing to dismantle democracy and destroy the world, nothing is more frightening and infuriating than the blatant disregard for the environment.

        How far are we from the future Earth as depicted in Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 film “Elysium?”

        • 1. The problem with Global Warming is that people cannot see/feel it yet in an obvious (non-scientific) manner and don’t understand exponential growth. So, they don’t realize that the effects are continuing to happen at a faster rate. They were talking about Global Warming when we were kids and 3 decades later we are seemingly “OK”. This will change soon, but at that point everything will happen so fast. I think the newly-generated Uber-rich are OK with that scenario as it will wipe out much of the world’s population while they will remain safe in their sanctuaries.

          2. Every day, I keep thinking it cannot possibly get worse, just to wake up to another set of insane news from the White House. Yesterday alone, they are trying to pass legislation in Arizona to prevent people from protesting in the streets (right for assembly) and we found out that the White House (Priebus) asked the FBI to lie about its findings between the Trump campaign and Russia and to blame the media. How is that even possible?!? Trump’s team now violates regulations on a daily basis and is not held accountable. I wish we had an oversight committee … oh wait, we do, except they are under control of the Republican Party! WTF!!!

          • Sadly, you could not be more correct on every point. We seem to now be living in a reality show from hell. I can see Trump on his throne musing, “It’s good to be the King!”, while his cabinet members count money and smoke cigars.

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