Dance Supports Monserrat


Various Artists
“Dance Supports Montserrat”
1997 Music Now (UK)

01 Sunscreem – Cover Me (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix)
02 DJ Supreme – Enter The Scene (Rhythm Masters Club Mix)
03 William Pitt – City Lights (SPS Cained Vocal Mix)
04 Lost Tribe – Angel
05 Prairie Man – Prairie Man (Make A Stand Mix)
06 Sundance – Sundance (Club Mix)
07 Armin – Blue Fear (Extended Version)
08 Spirito – Frontiers (Powerplant Mix)
09 Nu Birth – Anytime (Tuff & Jams Kick Dub)
10 Gant – All Night Long (Industry Standard Dub Plate Mix)

Montserrat was the former site of George Martin’s second AIR Studios location, opened in 1979; sadly, that facility—along with almost every other structure on the island—was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. While still recovering from the catastrophe of Hugo, Montserrat was severely impacted by a volcanic eruption in 1995, which destroyed the capitol and caused the exodus of over half the island’s population. Having lost tourism and a stable economy, the island continues to struggle.

“Dance Support Montserrat” was given away with the first issue of Music Now magazine. While that UK periodical must not have lasted long, the CD is still worth keeping after 20 years—several selections are digitally exclusive to the compilation.

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