What About This Love?


Mr. Fingers
“What About This Love?”
1992 MCA Records (US)

01 What About This Love? (Radio Edit)
02 What About This Love? (Kenlou Mix)
03 What About This Love? (Gonve Mix)
04 What About This Love? (Luv Dub)
05 What About This Love? (Masters At Work Dub)
06 What About This Love? (Instrumental)

Larry Heard’s 1989 single “What About This Love?” was reissued in 1992 with new mixes by Kenny Gonzales & Louie Vega.

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  1. Absolutely intrigued by this! Thank you very much.

  2. Sorry to piggback on a post, but if Shelf or some of you have a minute or two to spare, could you identify some of the dance tracks in the following video. I know “Carry on” by Donna Summer is in there but otherwise, I’m stumped

    • Yeah, no clue. It’s hard to hear some of the tracks over the dialogue. Are these sound clips from a film or a television program? If it’s a movie, all the songs should be listed in the credits.

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