Strangelove (US Promo)


Depeche Mode
“Strangelove” (US Promo)
1988 Sire Records (US)

01 Strangelove (Remix Edit)
02 Strangelove (7″ Version)
03 Strangelove (7″ Blind Edit)
04 Strangelove (Highjack Mix)

Apparently unhappy with the original release of “Strangelove” in 1987, Sire Records commissioned new remixes and reissued the single the following year. The US promo CD includes three digitally exclusive edits.

Here’s the 1988 US promotional video using the album mix:

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  1. thank you! and it’s great to see you back posting!

  2. One of the best songs ever!

  3. Still one of my all time favez!

    thank you

  4. awesome!, thanks Shelf!

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