Beautiful People


Barbara Tucker
“Beautiful People”
1994 Strictly Rhythm (US)
SRB 015 CD

01 Beautiful People (Radio Edit)
02 Beautiful People (Underground Network Mix)
03 Beautiful People (Beautiful Reprise)
04 Beautiful People (CJ’s Club Mix)
05 Beautiful People (CJ’s Dub)
06 Beautiful People (Original Club Mix)
07 Beautiful People (CJ Mackintosh Dub)
08 Beautiful People (Mood II Swing Dub)

In 1993, Louie Vega enlisted Barbara Tucker to add her vocal talents to “Deep Inside”, which Vega released under the name Hardrive. The following year, Vega and his Masters At Work partner Kenny Gonzales produced Tucker’s second single, “Beautiful People”, which incorporates the vocals from “Deep Inside.”

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  1. Ahhh ’94…those were days.
    Fantastic house classic.
    Thanks Shelf!

  2. Classic, version CJ the bets

  3. ops, the best

  4. Looking forward to hearing this. Thanks Shelf

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