1993 Arista (US)

01 Life (Single Version)
02 Life (Remix Version)
03 Life (Mission Control Mix)
04 Life (12″ Mix)
05 Shout

Born in Trinidad, Alexander Nestor Haddaway spent time in Europe and the US before settling in Germany in the late-1980s. Pursuing his passion for music, Haddaway was signed to Coconut Records in 1992, and experienced international success with his debut single, “What Is Love.” Follow-up “Life” was also a hit in various regions—I’ve always been quite fond of the ‘Mission Control Mix’ (the ‘Remix Version’ is an edit of that mix).

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  1. The Mission Control Mix is awesome. Funnily enough I was playing it today while listening to one of my old DJ mixes. I used to follow it with Zero B’s “I Love To Be In Love” which is exactly how it was done on the mix I was listening too. Goodo old memories… xxxx

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