Spikey Message


Arc Angel
“Spikey Message”
1996 Hansome Records (UK)

01 Spikey Message
02 Spikey Message (Small Cut)
03 Spikey Message (Main Mix)
04 Spikey Message (Ramp Club Mix)
05 Spikey Message (Burger Queen Kitscharama Mix)
06 Spikey Message (Healthy Cut)
07 Spikey Message (Osymyso Vs Arc Angel Mix)

I’ll defer to the promo sticker on the case for info about this relatively obscure artist and single:


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  1. Music Archivist

    good to see you posting again brother

    • Thanks, man. Keep trying to give up the blog, but I seem to be a failure at quitting. Anyway, thought it would be good to have a small distraction from the daily doses of depressing news.

  2. true true

  3. Amigo. Un gusto saber de ti y que no abandonaste el blog.
    Gracias por regresar.

    Podrias resubir este CDM por favor.
    Jaya – One Kiss Per Minute (CDM US Promo)


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