The Dance Chart


Various Artists
“The Dance Chart”
1987 Telstar (UK)
TCD 2285

01 Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite
02 Mel & Kim – Respectable
03 Raze – Jack The Groove
04 DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble
05 Grace Jones – Private Life
06 Timex Social Club – Rumors
07 Taffy – I Love My Radio
08 Man 2 Man Meets Man Parrish – Male Stripper
09 Freeez – I.O.U.
10 Five Star – Can’t Wait Another Minute
11 Princess – Say I’m Your Number One
12 Mel & Kim – Showing Out
13 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – I Wonder If I Take You Home
14 The Concept – Mr D.J.
15 Whistle – Just Buggin’
16 Wham! – Wham Rap!

“The Dance Chart” compiles tracks released between 1985 and 1987. The seeming anomaly is Jackie Wilson’s 1957 single “Reet Petite”; however, that song topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks when reissued in 1986. The collection features many rare radio edits, and notably includes Paul Oakenfold’s very first remix: “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” (produced with Herbie Laidley). Unfortunately, Telstar used the original single mix of Grace Jones’ “Private Life” instead of the Paul Smykle remix released in 1986.

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  1. Very cool!!! I love every track on here (especially Mel & Kim and Timex) and I remember the video of REET PETITE (claymation) … great stuff and a nice change to the basic 80s compilations.

    Hope to see more 1986-1988 comps


  2. Nice one, thanks. Love how comps like these make me think of comps I haven’t heard in years. Now I’m going to go crazy trying to find a copy of the Sassy Sire Sampler.

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