“Sing Street”

Wanted to recommend a delightful indie film released in 2016 that I recently watched on Netflix. Written and directed by John Carney (best known for his 2007 hit, “Once”), “Sing Street” is a musical dramedy set in Dublin during 1985. After being forced to switch schools due to family financial difficulties, teenage Conor faces the typical challenges of being the ‘new kid.’ Attracted to a mysterious girl named Raphina, Conor appeals to her modeling aspirations with an offer to appear in a music video for his band, which doesn’t exist. Given a tentative agreement from Raphina, Conor hastily assembles a motley group of musicians to participate in his ‘futurist’ band, and a rocky romance ensues.

Despite its familiar ‘boy meets girl’ story, some clichéd characters, and often-seen plot elements, “Sing Street” is an entertaining tale that revels in musical nostalgia. The soundtrack mixes period classics with surprisingly good original songs that are more memorable than current radio fodder. I daresay that many readers here will readily relate to the film’s themes—both in the narrative and musical sense.

Sing Street Official Website

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