Last year, half of America was duped by the promises and ‘charm’ of a Machiavellian charlatan.

And today, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of The ‘United’ States of America.

Trump’s inauguration effectively serves as a symbolic funeral for Western Democracy.

With Donald Trump as Emperor, his cabinet comprised of greedy, self-interested oligarchs (a real world ‘SPECTRE’), and a Congress controlled by right-wing conservatives operating with impunity, America is now governed under a neo-fascist totalitarian regime.

Even if Trump were to be impeached tomorrow, it would make no difference—cutting off the head of the snake is of little consequence when the body behind it is far more dangerous.

Donald Trump and his supporters have shown their true colors, and they aren’t red, white, and blue… just white. And technically, white is the absence of color—which is how so many Americans would prefer their country to be: Alt Right = All White.

The election wasn’t ‘rigged’ (however, the antiquated Electoral College should be abolished), and no amount of protesting is going to change the outcome. The larger issue is that governance of the United States should not be a divisive power struggle between only two parties, both of which are ideologically flawed and corrupt, and inconsiderate to the needs of the nation.

Anyone seeking to counter the new administration’s agenda should volunteer for and donate to nonprofit organizations that are committed to protecting civil liberties, human rights, and the environment. Consider running for a government office position in your community. Be a force for positive and progressive change, and never accept Trump’s regime as the new normal.

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  1. Well that about does it for me. Cancelled following this post. This site was great when there was music.

  2. i did not even read the whole post. It is filled with the “hater” language you accuse the other side of. Stop being a sore loser. Pick yourself up and start being optimistic. It might help you out in life. I do not recall the other side rioting when the last guy was voted in. Plenty of people do not agree with him either. This is a democracy and he won the way other have one and the way the last guy won. Grow up.

  3. Hear, hear! dx

  4. Amen to the attempt to be unbiased in second to last para and to the wise suggestions in last one. Thanks for the vocabulary lessons too!

  5. Shelf = Sore Loser. The election is over, give the guy a chance before you fall victim to the California mentality.

  6. Support you wholeheartedly shelf the trump trolls here can go back to their caves…where they belong!

  7. lol … the responses are amazing and it explains his “victory” … the amazing part is that these people never posted here before. So, obviously these are Russian trolls. CRAZY how quick they are!

    Anyways, he has already delivered on what we all feared. At exactly 12 noon today, all references to climate change and civil rights completely disappeared off the White House page!So, we no longer have to wonder what his intentions are.

  8. Wow.
    Well said Shelf.
    So these guys are okay with free music, but they’re not okay with free speech?!
    Too funny!
    Hopefully, they’re aware that dance music was born in gay communities.
    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ MLK

  9. For f***s sake. Keep yourself together. I very much prefer this man before Killary and Billy Cigar…
    I’m sure he will be a great POTUS! (I live in Sweden).

  10. When do we get more music posts ? :)

    • Hopefully, in four years.

      No, actually I’m working on posts that I expect to have up in February. We could all use some bouncy beats to brighten up a bleak winter.

  11. Chris What did you expect so since the USA was created. It is a militaristic country with liberal promises (American dream) with that power in the hand. Lobbying in the USA is the greatest evil .There is no word about democracy and freedom. Who have money have everything. Do you remember Hitler says Germany Germans white rase above all. Trump says America Amerikans. Gives me the creeps when I see this all the flags (as in Germany) and as people seek shelter behind them. Prime Minister of Russia Medvedev says today’s sanctions will not be lifted soon.
    I’m just afraid that there is war and it will be a wake-up call for all of heated heads.People need to prepare for such a scenario, and I already see what was coming. Who cares by nature ,animals and many staffs , people need jobs and money to live and pay taxes. This is the system.Who realy cares about human rights , that staff used by politics discuse and blacmailng nothing ellse. We always live in the world of promises and lies., only the matter which way we choose.from 1945 until today, more people were killed than were killed in World War II, most of it is deserving your country and I can not wait to see a new war with the USA in it (direct or indirect). Make America great again.

  12. Is not America a great country and it was, maybe I’m wrong.
    18 of a trillion dollars. Of another place is China with 17 trillion dollars.

  13. 340 000. Russian troops on western border against 70 000 NATO troops just right now.Poland buy USA of old tanks, hammers, trucks. If u realy Russia long time ago was able to conquer all Eastern European countries, but it did not do.

  14. Britain prepare his population with papers and news for biggest militarise , why. Two aircraft carrier builded and sending in Asia pacific, why. USA , Russia maded new electromagnetic , laser guns , why. Also Russia maded most worst of all weapon electrocinetic gun.All tanks T – 72 will be modernised like Armata i talking of thousands this tanks. China follow him in all directions. Why made new powerfull weapon for what that, lies somewhere in the warehouses – NO, they are prepared for all-out war.
    You will see. Who first pull the trigger.

  15. Well said and 100% support.
    All the pathetic Trump-fans who are bleating about leaving (who obviously all need a safe-space and a blanket) need to remember the value of FREE SPEECH. It isn’t just all about free music, ya know.
    I hope I am wrong and he turns out to be the opposite of what I fear, but…. I’ve been given no reason to find hope yet.

  16. How cost shoes maded in China in USA.Now Trump choose to back industy in US but very soon will see how shoes be cost.
    In China workers work for 300 – 400 euros on month to make that shoes, do you American workers want 300 – 400 euros on moth to do the same job.

  17. The “sore loser” comments above remind me of the ‘Sore Loserman’ bumper stickers that became ubiquitous after the 2000 Presidential election. It’s interesting how conservative propaganda is typically crass and simple-minded (“Nobama”), whereas comparable liberal messaging often conveys a concrete statement (“Bush Lied. People Died.”). Sadly, such nonsense amounts to wasted energy on both sides.

    Getting back to 2000 – Al Gore had legitimate reasons to question the validity of the election results. On the other hand, Donald Trump questioned the integrity of the election process before any ballots were cast – a controversial assertion that should have called his patriotism and competency into question. However, Trump’s supporters were apparently unfazed by any of his egregious behaviors.

    ‘Sore loser’ might be used to describe a child who throws a tantrum after not winning a pee-wee soccer match. However, it’s hardly an appropriate assessment for a rational individual harboring reasonable concerns after the 2016 Presidential election. That’s the sort of petty insult I would expect from a short-sighted fool with no comprehension of domestic policies, foreign affairs, or global economics.

    Let me be clear – I don’t like Hillary Clinton, either. Trump told many lies during his campaign, but he was right about one thing: the Clintons are crooked. However, even though both choices were appalling, only one candidate should have been taken seriously in the last election.

  18. Reading your words is reading the writing which is on the wall. The die is cast. Day 1 his press secretary is sent out to spout lies and discredit the press. And yet the commenters here ask “why won’t you give him a chance?” and accuse you of hating.

    I shudder and fear that every word you write is true. The Millions of people who marched on Saturday fear it too. True, no one marched in 2009. They had no need to. On that day 8 years ago, neo-fascist totalitarianism had not won and sanity had not yet been replaced with “alternative facts”

    In 1933, 17 million people voted Nazi, 20 million voted for other choices.

  19. go soak your head you have been brainwashed,.. your either for America or against.. its obvious where you stand your what makes us weak,..

  20. “tactileman”, until you can grasp the very simple difference between “your” and “you’re”, it is very difficult to take your comments seriously.
    “either for America or against”. Easy there, Archie Bunker. You know, for most people (ie. TRUE Americans), we strive to make the country great by SUPPORTING the foundation upon which it was built, and seeing the strength in diversity and common ground. This “with-us-or-against-us” bullshit only serves to DIVIDE people.
    Grow up. Some of us actually care enough to try and FIX things rather than throw simple angry phrases around.

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