The Cure… FOR depression


I consider The Cure’s fourth LP, “Pornography”, to be the most depressing album ever recorded. This assessment is not meant to be disparaging—“Pornography” is a brilliant album, which also happens to merit that unusual superlative.

Released in 1982 and produced by Phil Thornalley, “Pornography” is 43 minutes of relentless misery. If you are suicidal, you should not listen to this album. However, when I’m deeply depressed, I prefer to wallow in despair; consequently, those are the only occasions when I play “Pornography.” The CD may as well be stored in one of those red boxes labeled ‘In Case Of Emergency – Break Glass.’

Anyway, I bring this up because, after last Tuesday, I had to ‘break the glass’… and Robert Smith’s gothic tour de force will likely be on repeat for the next four years.

Speaking of pornography, have you seen any old photos of Melania Trump (né Melania Knauss)? She’ll certainly serve as a very different ‘role model’ than every First Lady who has preceded her.


Posted on November 15, 2016, in Cure, SHELF. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. She’ll be known as the chick with the gap in the lap.

  2. looks like the haters are now the democrats you sore losers

  3. ISIS will be quaking in their boots at that photo.

  4. bleak Winter Tree

    LOL ! I agree x. little bitches cant take a loss.

  5. elle a tiré le gros lot

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