This list of qualities—in part or in full—applies to half of all Americans who voted in the 2016 Presidential Election.

To be sure, both major candidates are flawed, and neither outcome was ideal. But all those who believe that an unprincipled billionaire entrepreneur will be their savior are deluding themselves.

Democracy and capitalism are allegedly what make America a great and powerful nation. However, our government is fractured, and business values profit over people. Congress and Wall Street are far too intertwined, resulting in collusion and corruption.

Whether career politician or CEO, neither cares about their constituents or customers—we’re all just numbers to be crunched.

In this time of mourning, I extend my sincerest sympathies to the entire world. America failed. Hatred has triumphed.

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  1. Tom in Portsmouth, NH

    Sad, but true. I share your grief.

  2. Agreed is a very sad thing to be an American today…

  3. uneducated fools just fell for a con artist. Feeling your pain Shelf.

  4. A vitoria do anti-cristo. Que Deus tenha compaixao do mundo!

  5. California did the right thing -F Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

  6. He pulled of the greatest con of his career!

  7. Triumphant Trump is about to dismantle the USA, and perhaps the world.

  8. Well said.
    I agree 100%.
    Voter turnout in Minnesota has consistently been one of the highest in the nation.
    Democracy still matters here.
    Grateful to live in this lone blue state.

  9. *lone blue state in the midwest.

  10. Hy Chris do you remember what i wrote about this.Republicans leaders and Democrat leaders is two side of one coin.Nothing has be changed.Dont worry.You dont have social democratic leaders, populist hungry of money and power.Komunsam have populist , now have it America but capitalist.Leader who brings peace and better life in the world is the great leader , but American leader brings wars in the name of democracy, using filthy games to do what is want. America is only money nothing ellse, and that system spread all over the world.16000 rich Americans have 80 procent of all riches , rest 20 procent is 302 millions citizens , this is American problem, that injustice and greedy for power and big money followed by corupction , this is stupid American Dream. Tha system now i see everywhere in the world, Russia, China , india EU,Brasil (panama papers)i hate liberal capitalisam,also komunisam(its is the same thing)Evil thing for simple people .Destroy all weapons in the world, give the world peace and prosperity, any pearson has been equal, no rich and poor, that nobody is higher and better than some all are equal.I heat kings queens, rich peresidents,rich dictators, rich sheiks.Why some have all but others have nothing.

  11. I told you you dont have real democracy, democracy is dream for fulls.Yuor goverment and EU with NSA and CIA buy goverments all over the world,in his hands is World Monetary Found associated with global bloodsuckers ,exert pressure that these countries join NATO. Your country play evil games.2010 NATO maded plan to conquer Russia in 3 walls of destruction( in that time Russia is not been millitary powerfull like now) Environment Russia’s borders and enforce global attack by all possible means, including nuclear.After that third attack expected to total defeat and capitulation.
    100 nuks will be deastroy life on planet(OZON SHILED HAS BE BROKEN)
    Yesterday in Syrian Alepo found it bombs and munition with hlor(owners NUSRA AL FRONT)Sponzored by US.Another filthy games of your goverment in Sirya, Iraq,Libya
    Do you know who killed Moamar al Gadafi.His killed Alkaida from Guantamo prison.How do that.Some prisoners of Alkaida in Guantanamo CIA asking work for him , start civil war in Libiya and the overthrow of Gaddafi in exchange, will be exempt but will keep an eye on.You say this is democracy.Iran shot dowwn the plain over Locerby(US and West escused Libija do that in that time)another filthy games of your democratic country.
    slowly but slowly over time the truth comes out.
    In middle east withe evil Saudy Arabia(11 september 2011 that do that country), Quatar,Kuwait(no democratic regimes) finnace World Montary Found,big oil money for your country and what is want.614 billions of dollars looses, millions refugees, 500 000 dead this is democracy of new world order from United States.Why do that Of course just because of power theft and money and these people must be punished.Barak Obama is murder, like Hillary Klinton.Will see what is do nacionalist , showmen Donald Trumph i think no much better , will see.
    Amerika needs much better and honest people.
    These are only calling for democracy, a democracy anywhere, see elections the whole world is laughing I told you US election system is bad.Both candidat is bad.
    The world have so far brought the fear of discomfort and misery
    SHAME FOR BIG COUNTRY.Will see what happens after 4 years

  12. regardless, he still won! get over it and make a difference in your area of the world, or better run for a political office similar to Harvey Milk. oh and by the way….not all of this country feeds off the ideas and values that California does. It was a real delight to see the 55 electoral votes washed out to sea for a change.

    Shelf you need to start posting music again to this site and not use it as a political backdrop to insult those of us that are educated, have good jobs, and are gay.

    This still is your site and you can use it to your own accord. Yes, I love this site and appreciate all the years you have spent posting great music !

    This is only my opinion, and no disrespect to other values and principles expressed here.

    • Jesus, it’s his site and he can post whatever he wants. You don’t agree with it, start your own damn blog.

    • You’re right, not all of this country feeds off the ideas, but there are other states that feed off on FEAR, RACISM, XENOPHOBIA AND SEXISM. I guess you’re from one of the forward thinking states.

  13. #TrumpIsNotMyPresident!
    I didn’t vote for him,I went Hillary as there’s ALWAYS been something about Trump I’ve never liked. And now I know: Trump is s racist homophobic ass who only cares about himself.

  14. IM not democrat and republican,or any party in the world not interesting me.i im something in the middle.People never learn at prehystoryc thimes.For me America represents is money only money nothig ellse.1999 i survive NATO bombing with F – 16 and tomahavks( 19 western democratic countries) and one civil bloody war.Do you any of you see explosion of krusille missile , i see it one killometter at my home heaven is burn.
    GLOBALISATION do that and no one ask me do you i want that.Who cares US is thousands miles away.You never stand against war only if your people died(Vietnam) , if died other ellse …
    Thank you.everyone have own opinion nothing happens without a reason depends on when you realize how .

  15. I forget 1999 who is on a power in USA, please tell me.Who pays nacionalst to come in my country, 200 000 homes destroyed, 100 000 dead, ruin economy, why do that.War is not democracy,dead of innocent people is not democracy,safering,hunger,misery,slaughtering,Joseph Bayden 2 months ago come in my country and says very sorry for that.
    This guys destroy my life and life many others here.Madlen Oldbrait 1999 says Serbian perople is a devil , now says Serbian people is a wonderfull.Madlen and Wesley Klark now have mines in Kosovo in private property, protecting by five US NATO millitary bases.1999 Wesley Klark has been commander in chief of NATO forces.My country ocupied by NATO. About this bases west make civil war in Yugoslavija , and later bombing Serbia.
    West globalist want all in Europe , now is on border of Russia.
    But Russia is not weak Yugoslavia.Justice is slow but sooner or later everything will come to light, all the evil that was done in the name of lies have short legs

  16. FEAR has a face, it’s the face of MR.BANNON.

    “I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment”, he was quoted as saying.

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