MOD Unplugged

This journey into sound now ends at the beginning—with the history lesson of “OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music.”

I’ve always endeavored to present this blog as part club and part classroom. In the end, I hope that MOD has at least served as a warehouse (rave) of memories from nights long gone.

Remaining download links will disappear shortly, so acquire what you desire before it’s gone. Also, take note that the ‘Share’ page has been removed.

I offer my most sincere gratitude to the blog’s many generous contributors and all supporters in the MOD community.

Goodbye and stay well.



Posted on July 24, 2016, in SHELF. Bookmark the permalink. 53 Comments.

  1. Thank very much! Best Wishes for you and your family :)

  2. Hey, you are all missing the CD singles being posted by me and others in the chatbox on liquidclub:

  3. Cheers for all you’ve posted, stay well.

  4. Seriously great work delivering the more unusual, unbeaten path! I enjoyed it very much!

    I wish you all the best in life!

  5. Blesometar/Nedzad,

    are you continuing your journey somewhere?

  6. Your time and effort has been much appreciated. Thank your for bringing old tunes to new ears. Your enthusiasm and love for the music has helped keep the culture a vibrant and living thing.

  7. I miss MOD

    thanks for all your hard work!

  8. DJ Rick MItchell

    Thanks for all good music you shared with us!!! I aprecciate the site for all those years, here in Brazil!!! Hugs and thanks, again!!

  9. All The Best & Thanks For The Tunes

  10. many thanks for all your great sharing

  11. Many thanks to you for the great posting and education. Your blog was always something I would come back to and read with great interest, A real shame that you’ve decided to move on, but best wishes for your future endeavorus.

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