The Qat Collection


“The Qat Collection”
1994 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 19196 2

01 Minimal Qat
02 Magic
03 Animal Qat
04 Higher Ground
05 Vegetable Qat
06 [As If By] Magic (Dub)

Alexander Coe’s first full-length release is not a proper album, but more a lengthy EP. With Sasha still finding his way around a studio at the time, collaborators Tom Frederikse and Gaëtan Schurrer contributed significantly to the productions. “The Qat Collection” includes previously released single “Higher Ground”, two versions of “Magic”, and three lengthy instrumental experiments; both “Higher Ground” and Magic” feature Sam Mollison on vocals. Later in 1994, Deconstruction issued a second version of “The Qat Collection” with alternate tracks from the “Magic” single.

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