Arkham Asylum + Ohmna


“Arkham Asylum + Ohmna”
1996 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 43402 2

01 Arkham Asylum
02 Ohmna

Clearly not seeking to repeat the chart success of “Be As One”, Sasha’s follow-up release comprises two lengthy prog house excursions. Sasha would later recycle elements of “Arkham Asylum” into “The Other Side”, which is, err, the other side of Maria Nayler’s 1997 single, “Naked And Sacred.”

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  1. martymartymarty

    I love this Sasha series so much! Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. thomas l stoodley


  3. I remember reading somewhere many moons ago that it was actually the other (ahem) way around: “The Other Side” was supposed to be a Sasha & Maria follow-up to Be As One, but for whatever reasons that project didn’t quite work out and Sasha decided to rework it and release as a solo instrumental, Arkham Asylum.

  4. Love this single! Thank you :)

  5. definitely 2 of the best tunes ever

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