Prisoner To Desire


“Prisoner To Desire”
1987 New Rose Records (FR)

01 Prisoner To Desire (Re-Animated) | 04:37
02 Black Panther (Hardcore Mix) | 3:51
03 Prisoner To Desire (Intoxicated) | 06:15
04 Unveiling The Secret (7″ Version)* | 03:13

01 – 02 > sourced from “Mystery Hotel” (ROSE 145 CD)
03 – 04 > sourced from “Unveiling The Secret” (NEAT 4 CD)

Per the sleeve: ‘These choice dance tracks were remixed from the “Unveiling The Secret” LP.’ It should be noted that there is a titling error on this release, which was subsequently carried over to the 1989 CD single of “Unveiling The Secret.” The ‘Re-Animated’ and ‘Intoxicated’ mix names are reversed on both the sleeve and media labels (that faux pas is corrected above).

*NOTE > Very special thanks to our good friend eLeMeNOhPeaQ for creating a custom 7″ edit of “Unveiling The Secret.”

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