Contorting The Image


“Contorting The Image”
1986 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 74

01 Why Should I? | 05:05
02 Contorting The Image | 05:32
03 Thundershowers | 05:18
04 Suffocation | 02:54

01 – 04 > sourced from “Insomnia Theatre” (ROSE 78 CD)

“Contorting The Image” was issued in between Psyche’s first and second albums. In addition to “Why Should I?” and the title track, the EP includes a re-recorded version of the duo’s first single, “Thundershowers”, and “Suffocation” from the independently released first edition of Psyche’s debut LP, “Insomnia Theatre.”

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  1. i have to admit, that I have never ever heard of Psyche before… so all your posts of them are totally new stuff for me! and I like it! thanks!

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