Diamonds (US Promo)


Herb Alpert
“Diamonds” (US Promo)
1987 A&M Records (US)
CD 17476

01 Diamonds (Cool Summer Mix)
02 Diamonds (Cool Summer Dance Mix)
03 Diamonds (Cool Summer Instrumental)
04 Diamonds (Cool Summer Dub Version)
05 Diamonds (Cool Summer 7″ Edit)
06 Diamonds (Dance Mix)
07 Diamonds (Instrumental)
08 Diamonds (Beats Dubcappella)

“Diamonds” was the second of three singles issued from Herb Alpert’s 1987 LP “Keep Your Eye on Me.” Produced and remixed by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, the track bears the duo’s unmistakable signature sound. Contributing further to the Jam & Lewis experience is the presence of lead vocalist Janet Jackson, who was signed to Alpert’s A&M Records at the time. Flyte Tyme Studios engineer Steve Hodge also remixed the tune.

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  1. Thank you!

  2. I have lusted after this disc many times but never paid the hefty price tag. Thanks! My only wish is that it included the regular radio edit as well. Supposedly it’s a slight remix as well, but I’m not sure about that.

    • The UK 7″ mix is a radio edit of the Dance Mix even though it’s not credited that way on single. You cannot seem to get it anywhere on CD. I think it’s the same length as the regular album edit which confuses matters

  3. martymartymarty

    Thank you so much! This is just fantastic!

  4. Fried Pickle

    This song just shines Bright like a Diamond ! THX

  5. There are many dead links.
    You can upload them again, thanks.

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