Nothing Has Been Proved


Dusty Springfield
“Nothing Has Been Proved”
1989 Parlophone (UK)
CDR 6207

01 Nothing Has Been Proved (Dance Mix)
02 Nothing Has Been Proved
03 Nothing Has Been Proved (Instrumental)

“Nothing Has Been Proved” was written by Pet Shop Boys, who co-produced the track with Julian Mendelsohn. Recorded by Dusty Springfield, the song appears on the soundtrack to 1989 political drama “Scandal”, and was also released as a single featuring a ‘Dance Mix’ by Marshall Jefferson.

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  1. Bit of a Balearic classic is this Shelfy.

    • Crap cover – used to have the CD single but sold it. Probably should have saved it for the Oakenfold mix, though. Yeah, anyone got it?

  2. Fried Pickle

    what a classic track ! Thank :)

  3. Could you upload this in FLAC if possible? I have the 12″ but could never find the CD Single. A VERY favourite track!

      • Yeah, I know, and guess: another brick-walled “new remaster” – too loud and compressed – that’s why I always search for the “real thing” back in the day: great warm sound. Thank you for answering, though :) Pitty you quit the blog, Nice music – I like your taste. My bad luck: when I discover a blog I would really be interested in, it’s already gone :(

        • I hear ya there. And Cherry Red has an unfortunate reputation (no pun intended) for inconsistent product quality. There aren’t many reviews to go by, but folks are complaining about the flimsy packaging as opposed to the audio mastering.

          Don’t know if you’re more a fan of Dusty or PSB, but Cherry Red also reissued Cicero’s “Future Boy” in an expanded edition. However, nothing new if you have the original album and singles.

          Thanks for the kind comments about the blog – sorry you came late to the party :-(

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