Take Me Higher (UK Promo)

Take Me Higher (UK Promo)   12EM388

Diana Ross
“Take Me Higher” (UK Promo)
1995 EMI (UK)

01 Take Me Higher (T-Empo’s Club Adventure) | 09:49
02 Take Me Higher (Eclipse Mix) | 06:21
03 Take Me Higher (BT’s Sonic Illusion Mix) | 13:15
04 Take Me Higher (BT’s Vibrolux Dub) | 13:50
05 Take Me Higher (I Feel Radical Mix) | 13:08
06 Take Me Higher (Da Drum Drum Acid Mix) | 09:31

“Take Me Higher” was the first of four singles issued from Diana Ross’ 1995 album of the same name. A multitude of mixes was produced for each side of the Atlantic; Brits got the better of the lot, receiving epic revisions from T-Empo, Brian Transeau, and Felix Da Housecat. This rare CD-R is the only digital source for the full-length UK remixes (heavily edited versions of some tracks appear on the commercial CD of follow-up single, “I’m Gone”).

The following year, “Take Me Higher” resurfaced as a promo release with new reworks by Nush and Reverend Jefferson, along with unreleased dubs by Blaze and Joe Claussell.

HELP > Anyone have Diana Ross’ “In The Ones You Love” UK CD 1?

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  1. martymartymarty

    This is *awesome*!!! Thank you so much.

  2. thanks for posting this. I was missing the full length felix da housecat mixes! here are several other mixes from various releases of this track:

    Take Me Higher (12” Mix) 7:27
    Take Me Higher (Acapella) 3:46
    Take Me Higher (Album Version) 4:16
    Take Me Higher (Baka Boyz Remix) 4:45
    Take Me Higher (Blaze Club Head 12” Mix) 7:33
    Take Me Higher (Blaze Club Head Dub) 8:22
    Take Me Higher (Dub Mix) 9:36
    Take Me Higher (Felix Da Housecat Da Drum Drum Acid Mix) (Edit) 4:03
    Take Me Higher (Felix Da Housecat I Feel Radical Mix) (Edit) 4:56
    Take Me Higher (Instrumental)


    (Note: Felix Da Housecat I Feel Radical Mix) (Edit) = 256)

  3. and some more mixes:

    Take Me Higher (Junior Vasquez Arena Mix) 8:15
    Take Me Higher (Junior Vasquez Dark Tunnel Dub) 7:01
    Take Me Higher (Moretta’s Club Mix) 7:59
    Take Me Higher (Nush Club Vocal) 6.08
    Take Me Higher (Nush Dark Vocal Dub) 6:35
    Take Me Higher (Nush Deep Dub) 6:49
    Take Me Higher (Radio Edit) 4:04
    Take Me Higher (Reverend Jefferson’s Mash Em Up Mix) 6:33
    Take Me Higher (Reverend Jefferson’s Phat Sausage Dub) 6:27
    Take Me Higher (Spens Risin 12” Mix) 10:23
    Take Me Higher (T-Empo’s Radio Mix) 4:15


    (Note: Junior Vasquez Dark Tunnel Dub = 192)

    • Impressive. But which tracks are from vinyl and which from CD? I’m looking for digital rips from the CD single requested above. Thanks.

      • sorry I can’t really help you here, cause these aren’t my rips. I guess most of them are vinyl rips, cause they aren’t released on digital formats. But the quality is good so you could give them a try til someone has digital rips.

  4. Giorgio (ITA)

    Sincerely thanks for this wonderful gift, DJ Shelf. I bought the vinyl at the time, and since then I’ve always wanted to hear those mixes in digital quality, at least the BT’s Sonic Illusion Mix, with its superb intro… Thanks again!

  5. truly amazing! you made my day… especially for the promo rip which is legendary. thanks Dj Shelf

  6. Malin The Ambient Dinosaur

    Wow, these T-Empo and BT mixes are stellar!

  7. Thanks for this.
    You’re awesome as usual!

  8. Carlos Balera

    I’ve been looking for this for ages…..Obrigado!

  9. i have also this
    [BHD 6-003] Diana Ross – Take Me Higher (Take Me Dubs)

  10. Hola.
    Por favorrrr… Puedes re subir el CDM de
    “Coldcut – Stop This Crazy Thing (US Promo)”.

  11. Diana Ross – In The Ones You Love CD1

  12. Bravo and many thanx Matt Moss

    i have one question for DJ Shelf
    Chris do you have this Remix CD Album maded 2015 limited copies 2000

  13. On email of course not on share page

  14. Any chance of a re up? Been looking for the BT mixes of this for ages and I’ve just discovered the blog. Keep up the good work.

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