Electro House Mixes (UK Promo)

Electro House Mixes (UK Promo)

New Order
“Electro House Mixes”
2005 London Records (UK)
Promo CD-R

01 Regret (Tocadisco Remix) | 06:01
02 Regret (Tocadisco Dub) | 05:39
03 True Faith (King Roc Remix) | 08:21
04 Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont Dub) | 08:34
05 Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (Asle Dub) | 09:21

The remixes on this promotional CD-R became commercially available in 2006 as part of the New Order “12 X 12” vinyl campaign issued via New State Recordings.

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  1. great post! (as usual!) I have all these mixes but only in crappy quality! so I can now replace them!

  2. Thanks, Shelf! Can’t wait to hear these. :-)

  3. It’s very cool with all these rare releases. :) But can I ask – if you are ripping them yourself, would it kindly be possible to also get them in FLAC?

    • It’s the policy of this blog to offer music only in 320 MP3 format. It’s my opinion that artists and labels could (and should) profit from rare and out-of-print music by offering digital files in high quality formats for sale at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, major labels seem to have little interest in back catalog material, which is why so many music blogs exist.


  4. Some more super sweet treats – thank you so much, Shelf. I have the Tocadisco remixes, but only as vinyl rips, so this is awesome. I notice in another post further down you mention the Planet Funk Remix of WFTSC, which is, as you say, absolutely brilliant. Hopefully they play that when I see them at the Sydney Opera House in June. Thanks for all these NO uploads, very appreciated.

    • You are most welcome. Unlike their outstanding 2013 show in Philly, New Order’s live set last month was a bit bland and predictable. Seemed like they were just going through the motions to collect a check. However, I did appreciate the introduction of some different arrangements.

      Would love to see them (or anyone!) at a venue like the Sydney Opera House – have a great time!

  5. Er.. wheres the download links then?!

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