Original Sin (1995 Remix)


“Original Sin”
1995 Mercury (EU)
856 958-2

01 Original Sin (Epic Adventure Edit)
02 Original Sin (Ian Green Mix)
03 Original Sin (Epic Adventure)

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  1. here are some more mixes of this INXS classic… 3 from the original 1983 release and 3 from the 2011 remake with vocals from rob thomas.

    the blank & jones remix is awesome!

    1983 Release:

    Original Sin (12” Dance Version) 6:00
    Original Sin (Original Edit) 3:46
    Original Sin (Original Extended Version) 6:23

    2011 Release:

    Original Sin (Blank & Jones Club Mix) 9:36
    Original Sin (Ralphi Rosario Vocal Mix) 7:10
    Original Sin (Ralphi Rosario Dub) 8:47


    • thomas l stoodley

      Robin….using that link i get a ios.dmg file downloaded which then is flagged as virus… is there a better link or more direct.. thanks.

  2. hm, strange. 38 people have downloaded that file already so maybe something with your anti-virus program isn’t correct.

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