Goodbye Baby And Amen


“Goodbye Baby And Amen”
1994 Dome Records (UK)

01 Goodbye Baby And Amen (Brothers In Rhythm Radio Version)
02 Goodbye Baby And Amen (Brothers In Rhythm 12″ Mix)
03 Goodbye Baby And Amen (Nick And Stone’s Elite Mix)
04 Goodbye Baby And Amen (K-Klass Klub Mix)

Lulu (Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie) has been entertaining audiences for over 50 years. Long after her initial chart success in the 1960s, Lulu enjoyed a comeback in the 1990s with the album “Independence” and related singles. Released in 1994, “Goodbye Baby And Amen” is also available on the collection “Absolutely.”

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  1. Dub Mixes anyone?

    Goodbye Baby and Amen (K-Klass Klub Instrumental) 5:49
    Goodbye Baby and Amen (K-Klass Pharmacy Dub) 6:38
    Goodbye Baby and Amen (Nick And Stone Elite Dub) 6:12

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