Three Beat High And Rising


Various Artists
“Three Beat High And Rising”
1993 3 Beat Music (UK)

01 New Atlantic – I Know (Love Decade Remix)
02 Cordial – Hear Me Say (Dub Mix)
03 Vicki Shepard – Love Has Changed My Mind (West End Remix)
04 New Atlantic – Fioré (Bandito Mix)
05 Bass Value – Feelin’ Happy (Cordial Remix)
06 1st Team – Feel It (Sound Foundation B.Y.B.S. Night Out Remix)
07 Zenana – Compulsion (Now And Then Mix)
08 Citrus Club – Work It Out (Wurlitzer Mix)
09 Dub Federation – Keep On Giving (Justin Robertson Remix)
10 Seventh Heaven – In the Mountains (MMG Mix)
11 DJ Emma – The Duster (Digs & Woosh Do It Yourself Edit)
12 Wobblehead – Angelic
13 Masters Of The Monotonal Groove – Together (Remix)

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